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Our first shipment of plumbago...
Bark Planter


          Here's the Scoop!
                       April 4th, 2013

  It's April and the nursery is really filling up now...though a customer came in last Saturday and told us she went somewhere else a number of weeks ago and bought 6 plumbago...a tropical plant. Of course it was too early to plant them in her pots then. But no one warned her, she didn't know the cold temperatures we had last week would kill them - and so she came to us to buy more and ask if it was okay to plant them now. The answer is yes, but please watch the weather forecasts!!! And it is still early for begonias, caladiums, impatiens, zinnias and vinca in garden beds. Enjoy your pansies until the soil warms up for those heat lovers. Just a side note - it does pay to shop at independent garden shops that offer good information. Just sayin!
In a recent post on the website we highlighted some of the shrubs we're carrying. In addition to those in the post, we have beautiful hollies, vitex, gardenias, Japanese maples and more. Please take a look if you're in the neighborhood!
Many of you are beginning to plan for your summer plantings - remember pansies and violas will continue to bloom until the real heat sets in. Until then, come in and take a look at the bark planters we have like the one at left that Jamie planted. We've been having fun with them.
Have a great weekend and we'll see you soon!



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