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Pretty petunias...

calla lilies
These calla lilies are all the colors of Easter!

          Here's the Scoop!
                       March 28th, 2013

  It's hard to believe it's already Easter - (well, it is early this year...)we've been putting together pretty combinations to give you ideas for your holiday gatherings. Take a look here to see our arrangement inspiration. A related post  showcased some of the greenhouse flowers that are available, such as the calla lilies shown here, hydrangeas, jasmine wreaths and more.
Though it's early to be planting tender bedding plants, we will be getting in our first shipment of plumbago, mandevilla and tropical ferns this weekend. Just watch the temperatures for the next few weeks and move them in or cover them if frost is anticipated.
In addition to tropical plants and annuals arriving, we also have some nice groundcover plants if you need a tough but ornamental addition to your landscape.
Finally, we really appreciate all your positive comments about our new website and emails and hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. See you soon!



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