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Spring 2013 Newsletter

Beautiful Blooms
The snapdragons you planted in the fall should be filling out and will begin to set buds as the weather warms. If yours are spindly, pinch them back at this time. They will bloom in late spring-early summer for you and make wonderful cut flowers!
.   Do You Have Spring Fever?
 This is the time of the year we all begin to get Spring fever...but we have to be patient - you'll begin to see bedding plants available elsewhere but hold off! Our last average frost date is April 15th, so no tender annuals or tropical plants should be planted in the ground prior to that date. Some that are especially tender are impatiens, zinnias, caladiums and vinca.  Remember, patience is a virtue!
beautiful boxwood
Boxwood Know-How
We featured former Extension Agent Dave Bradford in a post on boxwoods - he has an excellent oline newsletter.  The boxwood fertilizer he's formulated can also be applied to other shrubs and trees.  We have a good selection of boxwoods in stock now as well as his fertilizer. We hope that this additional information is helpful. It's all about knowledge!
Market eggs
Eggs For Easter!
Market News
 Fresh produce will once again be on the red tables leading into the greenhouse - we hope to be your one stop shop for fresh food, plants and conversation! Ben will be leaving us to pursue his education but 

Dená has agreed to help with the market responsibilities.  


In addition to loving plants, she also has honeybees and chickens at home and has a real interest in the produce. We're happy she's decided to take on this challenge! We also have 2 coolers in the greenhouse, one we've been keeping fresh eggs in from Shannon Blount...they are exceptional. We're looking forward to a new market season!

Cast Stone Urn
One of our pretty urns...
        We Have Statuary!                   
One last reminder to check us out if you're looking for statuary. This is the time of year we have the most in stock, from cast stone to lightweight planters and glazed pots as well.
 We try to fit as much of a selection as we can in our small space and hope you'll look to us if you are in the market for a planter. Remember, we can give you great suggestions for what to put in them too!
You'll also find some very nice hyper-tufa like troughs that work well for herbs and small flowers...and some long, low dish planters that we think would be perfect for succulents. There's a little something for everyone!
lightweight planters
Some of the lightweight planters in stock now


A New Season Is Here! 


Happy Spring from all of us at Oak Street! We know all of you have been eager to get out and get planting and we are,
oh, so close! Remember, our last average frost date is mid-April, and with Easter being early this year, we have a few weeks to go before we're out of the woods.
easter lilies   
Speaking of Easter, we have everything you need, from Easter Lilies to so much more - orchids, fragrant jasmine wreaths, hydrangeas,
calla lilies, rieger begonias...the greenhouse is gorgeous!  
The Nursery Is Filling Up!
Of course, you can plant shrubs, trees and perennials now. Please take a look at the shrubbery posts on our new website if you need inspiration! We're also beginning to receive more and more herbs as spring planting season approaches...take a look here for some of the first in stock - there will be many more!
In fact, if you've been by lately, you've seen the nursery getting greener as we fill it with everything you'll need for your garden this year. We do tend to hold off a bit on the tender annuals...we will have a few in stock and  in the coming weeks we'll get more and more as the temperatures become consistently warm in the evening and daytime.
We also like the garden soil to be warm for all  the real  heat loving tropicals like plumbago, mandevilla and tropical ferns, but our first shipments of these tropicals will arrive at the end of the month for you to plant your pots.
The bottom line is that we want you to be successful in your gardening efforts, and this means putting them out at the right time...having said that we will have some basil, tomatoes and sunpatiens in stock for you die hards that want to get them in the ground early anyway.
If you'd like to bring a planter from home and plant it yourself, we have a U-Pot-It bench just for you! The people that have taken advantage of this do-it-yourself option have enjoyed it. You might too!
You might even want to pot up some succulents for yourself - we've gotten in beautiful pots already and will continue to look for the best and prettiest we can find. If you missed the post on these beauties, be sure to take a look - they're hard to resist!
  It's Nice To Be Recognized!      
In February, Kris was featured in The Rainforest Garden's blog as a container garden artisan - it was so exciting to have recognition of the great work Kris and her entire staff does at Oak Street - and, it's an added bonus that people from around the country are showing an interest in our work!
If you have containers you need planted for either inside or out, please let us know well in advance during this busy season so we are able to give them our very best attention. Thank you in advance!
Orchid Artistry
Our reputation is growing!
Meet our Staff



So many of you are long-time customers, so we feel like we're old friends.  But we thought our new newsletter would be a good time to continue to introduce our staff.  Jamie has been with us for many years and is our greenhouse manager. You'll see Pinkie all over the shop, helping create beautiful displays in the nursery and greenhouse and along with Kris and Jamie putting together the beautiful arrangements and container gardens we're known for. You'll meet more of our staff in the next newsletter - say hi next time you stop in!  



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A Few More Things You Missed
 Did you miss our news?  Here's a recap >


This is just a sampling of what is on the website. If you'd like to receive these posts as they appear, subscribe to our (almost) daily web posts so you can keep up with what we're working on - like the bark planter below with succulents, herbs and air plants..


bark planter with succulents  

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you this spring!

Billy Angell
Kris Blevons
Oak Street Garden Shop and Local Market