Path to Wellness NewsletterJanuary 2015
About Susanna 
Susanna Krueger is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, licensed in DE and PA, 
in addition she holds a nursing degree from Germany.   

Susanna offers therapeutic massage and bodywork.
She is trained in  
  • Healing Touch
  • Body-Mind Acupressure
  • Myofacial Release (John Barnes)
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder) 
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1813 Marsh Road
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Wilmington, DE 19810


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A Note from Susanna

Susanna Portrait

Happy New Year! 


I hope you have had a good start to the New Year with many new adventures planned for the coming months


When I look at the past, present and future and see all the different lives of my clients, family, and friends, I find one thing that we all have in common - 

The Need of Touch. 


In the beginning, touch is of crucial importance for a baby's development. As we journey through our lives loving touch and therapeutic touch can help us to feel calmerexperience  comfort, get energized and ultimately stay healthier. Touch is irreplaceable for our wellbeing!  


Therapeutic Touch, Massage and Bodywork will help you in your journey to achieve your goals! We are all on our Path to Wellness!  I would be happy to answer any questions and/or schedule an appointment to help you get started. Just call me at 484-354-8303. 

  In the meantime, came across an article from Shirley Vanderbilt and thought you might enjoy reading it. 


Thank you for your trust and your business. I look forward to giving you the best care in 2015!

Yours in Health,


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"What am I Feeling?" 
 - The Healing Benefit of Massage -




TOUCH. We come into this world being touched, and we hopefully can leave being touched. Whatever our experiences in this life, touch is usually involved in some form. 

Each time we are touched, the emotions related to that touch are stored in our mind and in our body's tissues. We not only store the emotions of pleasure and happiness, but also stress and fear. These stored experiences show up in bad posture, aches and pains or, when we're fortunate, healthy, functioning muscles and joints. Just as it takes the use of more muscles to frown than to smile, the effort it takes to tuck away experiences or feelings we'd rather forget can cause fatigue and painful tension.

When you receive a massage, the muscles and tissues release on an emotional level in much the same way they release physical tension. This letting go manifests in many forms -- an audible sigh, laughter, muscle twitching or even tears. the In the safe, nurturing space of a therapy room, people are able to let down their defenses, making these kinds of emotional releases a common occurrence. 

By Shirley Vanderbilt
Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Spring 2002.
Copyright 2003. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.