January 2015
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Sexual Violence on the Agenda
As the new Congress gears up to tackle sexual assault, here are the top three questions from lawmakers.

Hotline Helped Nearly 400 People Per Day
Four hundred survivors a day turned to RAINN last year. Here's how we helped. 

Why Data Privacy Matters for Survivors
Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure, both online and off. Here are five steps you can take to protect your personal data.

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Spotlight On
Stalking Awareness
For survivor Marianne Bezaire, the statistics became all too real when an acquaintance became her rapist, and then her stalker.

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Two Steps, 
Twice the Help
Many employers offer a matching gift program. So when you support one survivor by giving to RAINN, you're really helping two. 

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"[Family members] may be uncooperative and downplay abuse. If it has been going on a long time, they may not even see it as a crime."

--- RAINN's 
Jennifer Marsh

"It's important for [survivors] to know that [their rape kit] is going to be valuable and valued and that it's not going to sit untouched for periods of time."

--- RAINN's 
Rebecca O'Connor
"I think there's a fear that [a sexual assault] could happen again. And if they make themselves so unappealing, they won't get hurt the way they've been hurt before."

--- RAINN's 
Jennifer Marsh 
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