September 2014
Congress Renews Key Anti-Rape Program
Debbie Smith Act will continue
to identify rapists thanks 
to extension. 

RAINN Partners with White House on College Campaign
NCAA, Viacom, EA and celebrities also join to say "It's On Us" to prevent campus rape.

Dave & Karen
Two survivors discuss their path from suicidal thoughts to hope and healing. 

Justice Department Misses DNA Deadline
Congressional leaders call on Attorney General to comply with rape kit law requirement.

Choose RAINN for the Combined Federal Campaign
Choose RAINN for the Combined Federal Campaign this year. Make sure to select #10488.

Sen. Chuck Grassley
"RAINN is an outstanding resource on confronting sexual assault. Most recently, we've worked together on the bipartisan Campus Accountability and Safety ActThis bill has provisions to ensure that colleges treat sexual assault cases with the seriousness they deserve. 

RAINN and I agree that sexual assault is a major criminal offense. It should be treated as a crime wherever it occurs, whether that's in the military or on a college campus." 

--- Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

Sen. Patrick Leahy 
"We have accomplished a lot in the 113th Congress for survivors of sexual violence, both by greatly expanding protections in the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, and reauthorizing the Debbie Smith DNA Backlog Reduction Program, which has reduced the backlog of untested rape kits so that victims need not live in fear while rape kits languish in storage. 

Congress's work for victims is not done. Before the end of the year, we must reauthorize the Justice for All Act, which expands important rights for victims of crime and improves confidence in our criminal justice system. All victims deserve our support."

--- Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

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"One of the most effective ways to prevent rape is to mobilize men and women on campus to join together in stopping perpetrators before they can commit a crime." 

--- RAINN's
Scott Berkowitz

"The more and more teens can hear these messages, the better off they are. Many times it takes hearing it repeatedly, or from multiple sources, for it to sink in." 

--- RAINN's 
Kate Hull Fliflet


"We also need to make sure that if a friend is sexually assaulted, students know how to support him or her."

--- RAINN's 
Scott Berkowitz
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