March 2014

RAINN Recommends Criminal Justice Focus to White House

Read RAINN's recommendations to a new White House task force, which President Obama has charged with creating a plan to reduce rape on college campuses. 


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New Campus Safety 
Law Taking Effect
The Justice Department estimates that one in five college women are sexually assaulted. A new law requires colleges to step up their handling of these crimes. 

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Behind the Scenes at Safe Helpline
What happens when you contact the DoD Safe Helpline? Take a tour in this brand-new video. 

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Survivor Spotlight: Kristen McCovery
Kristen, a survivor of teen dating violence, shares her message of support: "Someone who loves you will never hurt you." 

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Join Mick Foley 
in New Orleans
Thanks to WWE champ Mick Foley, you can win a vacation for two to New Orleans! Grand prize includes airfare and hotel, meet-and-greets with wrestling legends, $1,000 spending money and more. 

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"Before last year, when a man was raped, for federal purposes, it didn't count. Under the new definition, the FBI is now saying, send us all your reports, men and women. We're going to count them all." 

--- RAINN's Scott Berkowitz

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"Forty percent of rapes are reported and just three percent result in the offender spending so much as a day behind bars." 

--- RAINN's Scott Berkowitz

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"If they're going to copy/paste, it would be nice if they read it first...If a policy appears to be copied without individualized edits, that suggests it didn't get the appropriate level of thought and consideration." 

--- RAINN's Scott Berkowitz

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Rep. Tom Reed
"I'm proud to stand with RAINN in support of the invaluable resources and passionate advocacy they provide to victims, survivors and their country so that victims are empowered and get the support they need. Only when we do the work to raise awareness for sexual assault can we help victims and their families get their lives back.

 This is an issue that hits home for me personally; my niece was assaulted and the victimization she faced after doing the right thing and pressing charges was simply unfair. We need to change the culture in our country and empower women  and men to know how to respond in these situations whether you're a victim, the friend someone turns to, or the community leaders. This needs to be a national effort and I look forward to working with RAINN on these efforts." 

--- Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY)

Rep. Carolyn Maloney
"I'm truly inspired by RAINN's work on behalf of sexual assault survivors. Together we passed the Debbie Smith law, as well as subsequent reforms, that help give closure to victims by brining DNA evidence from out of the storage room and help law enforcement process more kits to eliminate their rape kit backlog. 

And thanks to their hotline for sexual assault victims, including those serving in our Armed Forces who have been assaulted, more than 1.9 million people have been helped and provided with support in the worst of times. 

I look forward to our continued efforts to ensure that rape survivors obtain the services and justice that they deserve." 

--- Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)

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