January 2014
Hotline Helps Record 150,139 People
The number of people helped by RAINN's Online Hotline was up 12% in 2013, as usage 
by men increased. 

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Five Steps to 
Online Safety 
 As more images go viral, online safety has never been harder. Here are five easy steps survivors can take to stay safe online. 


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Tell it to 
the White House 
President Obama's new task force has 90 days to recommend better ways to prevent and respond to college sexual assaults.  Give us your ideas and we'll share the best ones with the White House.

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Thanks, Boss
More than 1,500 companies will match donations to RAINN. 
Will yours? 
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Key DNA Law About to Expire
The Debbie Smith Act is about to expire, and DNA testing could be decimated ----     unless you ask Congress to act now. 

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Kimleigh Smith Tells Story of Survival, Inspires High School Donors
When Norwalk (CA) High School Class of 2014 donated to RAINN, survivor Kimleigh Smith came to say thanks. Watch the video of her inspiring story.

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Survivor Spotlight:
Stalking Victims
Speak Out
Each year, about 3.3 million adults in America experience stalking, and sexual violence is often part of the mix. To bring attention to the crime, Katy, Diane and Marianne are speaking out. 

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Connect with RAINN:
Behind the Scenes
Find out what RAINN is doing with a behind-the-scenes look on Instagram, a social network site for photos. Instagram was named by tech website VentureBeat as the top social network of 2013. 

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 "As any good parent would know, sexual abuse of children is nothing to laugh about. Sexual abuse should never be fodder for comedy." 
----     RAINN's Katherine Hull

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 "Taking a rape kit doesn't sound like it's that
big a deal, but for the victim it can be an hours-long process sitting
in an emergency room just after the attack, and it's incredibly invasive.
To submit to all that and then find out that nothing has happened is
incredibly demoralizing." 
----     RAINN's 
Scott Berkowitz

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 "Sexual violence is an all-too-common reality. When an
episode is well done, it can really help viewers. 
It can actually
inspire a tremendous number of viewers to get help for the very first time." 
----     RAINN's Katherine Hull

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