October 2013
Congress to Consider Essential DNA Bill
The US Senate next week will consider renewing a law that provides funds to law enforcement agencies to perform DNA tests on evidence they collect from rape crime scenes.

New Survey: Little Change in Sexual Assault Statistics
The 2012 National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), shows that the number of sexual assaults has remained fairly steady over the last five years.

RAINN Petitions Etsy, Leads to Removal of Pro-Rape T-Shirt Seller
"We've been using social media to encourage our supporters to take a stand against these t-shirts and against sexual violence," said Katherine Hull, VP of communications for RAINN.

Speaker Spotlight
About 28% of sexual assaults are committed by the victim's current or past intimate partner, a category that includes spouses, according to the Justice Department. Serena shares her story of intimate partner sexual violence to help break the silence.

Elon University Wins 2013 RAINN Day Contest
By educating fellow students with a creative stop-motion PSA, Elon
University in North Carolina won the 2013 RAINN Day Multimedia Contest!
Celebration of Hope
On Wednesday, December 4th, join RAINN and special guests for our 4th Annual Celebration of Hope at Washington DC's contemporary LongView Gallery.

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"Often male survivors may be less likely to identify what happened to them as abuse or 
assault because of the general notion that men always want sex."
---- RAINN's Jennifer 
Marsh to CNN

"Because so few cases are ever reported to police and successfully prosecuted, [rapists 
who start in their teens] tend to keep going." 
---- RAINN's Scott Berkowitz to NBC News

"The media has widely accepted it as a best practice for at least 30 years to not identify 
victims of crime by name, and those images are identifying in the same sense as the 
name is."
--- RAINN's Katherine Hull to Time
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