City of Taylor Mill Newsletter
From the Desk of Mayor Daniel L. Bell
December 31, 2015 
On behalf of myself and the entire Taylor Mill City Commission, please allow me to take a few minutes of your time to reflect upon a few of the major issues impacting our community in 2015 and glance ahead to what's in store for 2016!
  • First and foremost, we survived the construction of Pride Parkway and celebrated the completion of the project with a Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting held on November 16th, 2015 at the Trifecta Development.  The Ceremony was presided over by Lt. Governor Crit Luallen and recognized many officials in our state and local government who worked diligently to make the project a reality.  Special acknowledgements were made to Senator Damon Thayer, Representative Tom Kerr, Representative Arnold Simpson, and the many engineers, planners and staffers at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  As many of you may recall the KY 16 Reconstruction Project was necessary to move the 40,000 + cars a day that traveled the existing KY 16,  a dangerous two lane highway that was designated with a roadway rating equal to gridlock.  A change of this magnitude is always difficult but the progress and safety enhancements it has brought to our community will be unparalleled in the long term.
  • The Taylor Mill City Commission was successful in a majority of their efforts to lobby the state for additional traffic signal enhancements on the Parkway within the Taylor Mill City Limits.  Which means two (2) much needed traffic signals will be installed at the intersection of Wayman Branch, Taylor Mill Road, and Pride Parkway; and at the intersection of Honey Drive (Sawmill Drive), Old Taylor Mill Road, and Pride Parkway in the very near future.  These signals will help ease the movement of traffic along the corridor creating breaks in traffic flow allowing residents traveling from adjacent side roads the opportunity to exit onto the parkway in a more safely manner than before.   
  • Improvements to the residential housing market brought developers who were eager to begin and finalize new and existing developments.  For example:  Custom Home Builders Gerdes and Flesch platted plans to develop 60 new homes in the High Ridge Park Subdivision.  Also, Berling Development platted plans to build an additional 16 homes on lots they had in the Taylor Creek Subdivision, and the remaining lots on Morning Glory sold with new homes popping up within months bringing that development to near completion.
  • As tax payers ourselves we understand the need to keep tax rates low for all of our residents and business owners.  That task is difficult at best when having to balance the ever increasing needs and cost affiliated with the provision of essential emergency service operations (Police, Fire, and Public Works) affiliated with a full service governmental entity such as ours.  We are pleased to say that we were able to hold the Real Property Tax Rate to the lowest compensating rate possible.  Unfortunately though we had to pass along to our residents an increase in the cost of Trash and Recycling Collection Services.  This increase was a direct result of an unavoidable direct increase in the cost of the service from our vendor - Rumpke of N. KY.  We hope to reduce that cost next year when we bid the services again in the Spring of 2016.  Additionally, the City Commission eliminated the Vehicle Registration Tax this fiscal year saving residents $10.00 annually for each vehicle registered to their Taylor Mill address.  Every increase and every saving adds up, and we are truly dedicated to keeping our services effective and our tax dollars as low as possible by spending a significant amount of time analyzing and reviewing the annual budget on a regular basis with key staff members
  • In late 2014, the Trifecta Development was complete and become the official home to Tri-State favorites - Skyline Chili, LaRosa's, and Graeter's Ice Cream & Bakery Store.  In 2015, we welcomed the Golf Exchange to the same development and saw significant renovations occur under new management to the local Taylor Mill McDonalds.  2016 is slated to bring the arrival of Lucky Duck Pub and Club Vape to the Shoppes of Taylor Mill, and renovations to the local BP Gas Station.  Additionally, the Holland Rosen Group is anticipated to move into their nearly completed corporate offices on the third floor of the Trifecta Development in the Spring.  Look for future announcements about tenants who will be occupying the second floor office and retail space in the same building during the later part of 2016, as well as, more information about the Districts of Taylor Mill in general.
  • 2016 will also bring about construction on the next phase of the Taylor Mill Road Sidewalk Project.  Currently, sidewalks are constructed on this roadway from Pride Parkway, past Pride Park to just north of Wolf Road.  We were fortunate enough to receive a combination of Federal and State Grant monies to construct the next phase of the project which is currently undergoing the required design and reporting stages mandated by the receipt of the grant dollars.  Actual construction should occur during the 2016 construction season if funding is released as promised.  Our long range vision is to link pedestrians and bicyclists to the Districts of Taylor Mill, Taylor Mill City Hall, a variety of local churches, business and Pride Park along Taylor Mill Road, completing a sidewalk loop connecting with the new sidewalks on the southern end of Pride Parkway to the I-275 ramps.  We also continue to seek grant opportunities for sidewalk improvements and new construction of sidewalks in the Grand Avenue and Church Street areas adjacent to the northern end of Pride Parkway.   
  • We also look forward to our continued collaboration with Sanitation District No. 1 to separate the combined Sanitary and Storm Sewer System in the Church Street area.  Completion of this project will lead to repaving many streets in need such as Church Street, Faye Drive, Primrose, and Valley View North to name just a few.   
  • Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the many accolades and honors we proudly received during 2015 when Taylor Mill was selected as an All Star Community to host events in conjunction with MLB's All Star Baseball Game, which led us to host the Taste of Taylor Mill, the All Star Game Viewing Party,  and a children's Baseball Movie/Touch A Truck Event at Pride Park.  Additionally we were honored to have Pride Park be recognized as the Best Park in N. KY by N. KY Magazine, and the community ranked 9th Best City in the Tri-State to live in (the first on the list in Kentucky) by Cincinnati Magazine.  We expand our list of honors in 2016 by being granted the ability to be a host community for the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall.  More details will be announced in 2016 about our participation in this amazing endeavor to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation.

Many, many more great things occurred in the Taylor Mill Community in 2015 and we see 2016 as equally as bright.  Here I've tried to touch on just some of the highlights.  We encourage you to stay engaged in the community - attend/follow our commission meetings, visit our website, connect with us on Facebook and/or Twitter, and look for our electronic newsletters in your mailbox!  We want and need your feedback as we make difficult decisions that impact us all both short term and long term. We thank you in advance for your continued support!


On behalf of myself, Commissioner Debby Kreimborg, Commissioner Ed Kuehne, Commissioner Dan Murray, Commissioner Roger Reis, our CAO Jill Bailey, Police Chief/Asst CAO Steve Knauf, Fire/ALS Chief John Stager, Maintenance Director Marc Roden, and City Attorney Frank Wichmann we look forward to continuing to serve you in 2016.  May the new year be happy and healthy for us all!






Daniel L. Bell, Mayor

City of Taylor Mill