From the Desk of Mayor Daniel L. Bell
Spring 2015
City of Taylor Mill
Winter temperatures have returned temporarily but we had a taste of Spring just last week, which resulted in a great turn out for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Pride Park.  I'd like to take a moment and thank everyone of our volunteers and staff members who made it happen.  You did a magnificent job, and we appreciate all you did to host this community event. 
As the weather ramps up into Spring, construction on KY 16/Pride Parkway resumes, but its completion is just right around the corner.  As you know the project is being coordinated by the staff at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and they tell us to expect the project to wrap up in the summer of 2015.  This project brings sidewalks to a large portion of the community and we've already seen lots of residents out taking advantage of the warmer weather days we had which is so exciting!  We hope you enjoy the opportunity to walk to our local businesses and Pride Park once the project is complete.  Remember we continue to construct sidewalks along existing KY 16 in an effort to further our walkable community efforts.
In addition to the development of sidewalks, the Pride Parkway/KY 16 Reconstruction Project has given our community the chance to create something uniquely special and different for the City of Taylor Mill.  With a significant amount of planning by professional consultants and engagement of our Citizens the "Districts of Taylor Mill" was created.  The construction of the Trifecta Building is a perfect example of the vision of our community.  We hope each of you are enjoying visiting the new restaurants, as well as, all of our other favorite local businesses.  The City Commission is committed to retaining the vision for our community and the plan you (our residents) helped establish.  Ever wonder why the sections of new KY 16 has grassy medians and the sections of new KY16 in the city limits of Covington does not?  A task force comprised of Taylor Mill residents and elected officials met with KYTC and lobbied to make that happen.  It is small details in planning that will help make the difference long term in our community.  It sets us apart and makes us unique.  We applaud all of you who have the vision to support these types of endeavors.

In 2015 it remains the goal of the City Commission to build an economic development base to support the growth of the City.  The right type of business development in our community means more revenue to support infrastructure improvements such as street repairs/reconstruction, improvements to Pride Park, the creation of our Gateway and the ability to lower property taxes for everyone in our community.  The best part is that we are doing these types of projects already and making every effort to remain debt free.  The City is proud of this accomplishment that is a rarity in other governmental entities across the Commonwealth, as well as, the country.

It is an honor to serve you as Mayor of the City of Taylor Mill.  In the event we can be of any assistant to you please contact our offices at 859.581.3234.  Thank you!  

Daniel L. Bell, Mayor
City of Taylor Mill
City of Taylor Mill
Police Explorer Recognition

The Taylor Mill Police Explorer's recently attended and competed in the Winterfest Games in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on February 6th thru 8th. 
Winterfest is a fun-filled, competitive event that has taken place for 41 years and is the largest national event for Explorers and Volunteers.  There were 75 participating law enforcement posts in attendance where Explorers competed in police related events.  The TMPD Explorer's participated in three (3) events, consisting of Drug Identification, Bomb Threat Response, and Active Shooter Response - where the team placed 4th, 11th, and 27th respectively.

On February 23rd, 2015 the police department had a ceremony at Park Place Community Center to recognize our Explorers for recent achievements.  Explorer's Jake Lemker and Zach Tischenor tied for the number of fundraising hours worked to support our program.  Additionally, Explorer Logan Herzog was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant by Chief Knauf, upon the recommendation of Officer Mills who oversees the Explorer Program.
Officer Mills noted during the recognition program that the Explorers have made great strides during their four short years of existence.  Officer Mills is directly assisted by School Resource Officer Heather Mitchell and Officer Michael Lyon, all working together to support this fine group of young men and women. 

During the upcoming summer, the Explorer's will attend a week long Explorer Academy in Montevallo, AL where they will work on team building, learning projects, and networking with other groups from around the United States. 

Additionally, our Police Explorers were invited to attend the March 18, 2015 City Commission Meeting to be further recognized for their accomplishments.  For those that may be interested, several photos from the Winterfest Games have been posted to the City's webpage at

Wayman Branch
Call to Action!

The City of Taylor Mill has received lots of requests from residents, as well as, from the individuals who use Wayman Branch to access Scott High School, Woodland Middle School, and Calvary Christian requesting a traffic signal be installed a the intersection of Wayman Branch/Taylor Mill Road/Pride Parkway.
In response the City has requested that a street light/traffic signal be installed.  That request was submitted over 14 months ago.  Since then we have gained the support of Senator Damon Thayer and Representative Tom Kerr.  Currently, the KYTC is evaluating our request. 
In order to make your voices heard we must lobby KYTC.  Please help us!
Call KYTC and request that a street light be installed at the intersection of Wayman Branch and Pride Parkway.  KYTC can be reached at 859.341.2700 or go to the KYTC District Six Web Site and submit a comment on the upper right hand corner of the page, or post a Twitter comment and has tag KYTC.

Tips from our EMS Dept

Tips for Healthy, Comfortable Computer Vision
While decreasing time spent at a computer may not be an option, there are ways to maximize healthy vision for comfortable use of the computer.
Have regular comprehensive eye exams to ensure your eyes are healthy and that you have the correct eye glass or contact lens prescription.
Wear glasses that are specifically designed to function comfortably at the computer.  The lenses you wear for day to day activities may not be the best for working at the computer.
Rest the eyes, blink forcefully, use a humidifier, and instill artificial tears.
Place the monitor 20 to 26 inches from your eyes, depending on monitor size and individual vision conditions.
The monitor and keyboard should be straight ahead.
Keep the monitor free of fingerprints and dust as both can reduce clarity.
Adjust the keyboard tile angle so that wrists are straight.
Place document holders close to the screen within the same viewing distance. 



In This Issue
Volunteer Needed!

The City of Taylor Mill is currently seeking an individual interested in volunteering to serve as our appointment to the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky.
An individual in this volunteer position would serve under the guidance of the Taylor Mill City Commission and the TBNK Executive Director for a period of two years as the City of Taylor Mill's Representative to a Board of Directors that acts as our agent in the interest of our community in all matters relating to cable and telecommunication services, such as public programming/access; and the administration of the local cable franchise in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
Generally, the board meets once a month.
Anyone interested in volunteering are ask to submit their resume and a cover letter expressing interest to CAO Jill Bailey at 5225 Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill, KY 41015 or via email to
Thank you in advance for your interest in serving the Taylor Mill  Community.

Upcoming Events
Monday, March 30th
6:30 pm
Free Weather Spotter Training Class at Park Place Community Center.  Register by calling 859.581.3234.  
Space is limited.    
Saturday, April 25th
9:30 am to 11:30 am


Shred Event/Identify Theft Prevention.  Residents are encouraged to visit the City Building during this event and shred all your unnecessary personal documents.  Take time to visit with a Police Officer on hand who can give you tips on how to Protect your Identify from fraudulent activity.



Tuesday, May 19th

5 pm to 8 pm


Join us as we kick off our first Tasty Tuesday of the Season at Pride Park with Marco's Pizza! 

Taylor Mill
Street Repair Request

The City of Taylor Mill would like your help in identifying streets that are in significant need of being repaved/replaced or that have pot holes on it that need some attention.
Please report these issues directly to us at or call us at 859.581.3234.  We appreciate your assistance in this effort. 

Taylor Mill Tidbits
Did you know?
The City of Taylor Mill in the last three years has had over 110 million dollars in infrastructure and building investments take place in our community.
The construction of the new KY 16/Pride Parkway was and investment of  approximately 77 million dollars in the city's highway infrastructure.
The Kenton County School System is investing in Scott High School and was spending an estimated 25 million dollars on building improvements.
The Trifecta Building in the Districts of Taylor Mill came to approximately 10 million dollars.
Cincinnati Bell is making a major investment by installing fiber optics in our residential neighborhoods that will enhance communications and technology, and
The City of Taylor Mill invested in underground utilities along with decorative mast arm traffic signals to compliment Pride Parkway and kick off the creation of the DTM Gateway!