The Taylor Mill Recreation Committee, in conjunction with the City of Taylor Mill, is offering a FREE Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Training Session at the Taylor Mill Firehouse, located at 5225 Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill, KY.  The training sessions will be led by Deputy Autumn Stanton from the Kenton County Sheriff's Department.


This 4 week Self Defense Training Series will be offered on May 6th, 8th, 13th and 15th from 6pm - 9pm. In order to successfully complete the RAD Training Course you must attend all classes.


R.A.D. will provide educational opportunities for women and teenage girls 13 and older to create a safer future for themselves. In doing this, we challenge society to evolve into an existence where violence is not an acceptable part of daily life. Each program includes educational components comprised of lecture, discussion, physical resistive strategies. All of which are facilitated by certified R.A.D. Instructors supported by a network of dedicated professionals who honor one another's student through our unique Lifetime Return and Practice Policy. For those interested in participating, please print this form, complete it, and mail or drop it off to us.


Classes are limited so please register now!









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Must be signed to constitute valid registration.


In consideration of the acceptance of my registration, I for myself, my executors, administrators and assignees, do hereby release and discharge all claims against the City of Taylor Mill, personnel or private instructors of damages, demands, actions whatsoever in any matter arising out of my participation in said event. I attest that I am physically fit and have full knowledge of the risk involved. I also agree that qualified personnel may examine me during the class in the event that medical problems arise. Paramedics, EMT's or qualified personnel have the right to disqualify and remove me from the event if, in their opinion, I may be suffering from a life threatening condition. I give permission to use photographs for promotional purposes.


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Please return registration form to the City of Taylor Mill - 5225 Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill, KY 41015.

The class is FREE but registration is limited. Anyone who has questions or is interested in participating must pre-register by calling Michelle Frisch at 859.581.3234.  

City of Taylor Mill
5225 Taylor Mill Road
Taylor Mill, Kentucky 41015