From the Desk of Mayor Daniel L. Bell

City of Taylor Mill Newsletter - March 2013

Easter Egg Hunt
Social Media Update
Downtown Taylor Mill
Pride Park Vandalism
Maintenance Information
Solicitor Beware
Fire House Dance Tonight!



Surprisingly mother nature took it easy on us for the most part again this past winter season.  As you know, we just celebrated the first day of Spring and with any luck the winter storm predicted for this weekend won't be much of an event and warmer weather is in the near future as you and your family prepare for Spring Break activities. 


We are anxiously awaiting the greening of the grass and the blooming of the flowers and trees so you can once again start playing outside and enjoying events and programs at Pride Park! 


This month's newsletter gives  you a brief peek at what we have currently ongoing.  Be on the lookout for our April and May editions that will include all of our upcoming Summer Events and Programming. 


In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.  Thank you.


Daniel L. Bell, Mayor

City of Taylor Mill

Annual Easter Egg Hunt
The City of Taylor Mill will hold the Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at Pride Park, located at 5614 Taylor Mill Road.  The Hunt, divided into various age groups, starts promptly at 1:00 pm.  Please make arrangements to arrive early so you can find a place to park.  Children will also need to bring their own bag or basket. 
Volunteers Welcome and Encouraged!  Anyone interested in volunteering to help at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt is ask to arrive at 11:00 am at Pride Park.  
Join us on Twitter

The City of Taylor Mill is now on Twitter.  You can follow us at taylormill_city of.


Please help us by spreading the news!  We are excited about the opportunities Twitter affords us along with Facebook.  Social Media is a great way to be informed!

The Districts of Taylor Mill

The Districts of Taylor Mill is comprised of several commercial development opportunities that surround the area of the new KY 16, specifically between Taylor Creek and the entrance to the interstate and from Walnut Drive to the entrance to the interstate.  Our hope of having additional viable business development in our community is beginning to take shape.  As these opportunities come to fruition we will endeavor to keep you informed.


We also would like to point out that construction on the KY 16 Reconstruction Project (aka Pride Parkway) will be starting again in the near future.  As this occurs please be of the look out for detours in traffic patterns to include slow and/or stopped traffic.  Remember to give yourself plenty of time when traveling around town.  Phase 1 of the construction project will be completed sometime this summer, with Phase 2 kicking into high gear.  Anyone with any questions or concerns is encouraged to contact the KY Transportation Cabinet at 859.341.2700 for more information.

Pride Park

During the month of January we had some reports of vandalism at Pride Park, in addition to some minor, miscellaneous damages one of the pillars at the entrance way of Gate 3 was knocked down. 


The Taylor Mill Police Department are continuing to heavily patrol the area in an effort to minimize these occurrences but we would like to ask for your help also to insure that vandalism isn't and ongoing problem.  If you have any knowledge of who has been involved in this vandalism or see it occur please report those activities immediately to our local Police Department by calling 911.  Remember repairs as a result of vandalism cost tax payers dollars unnecessarily.  The park is there for all generations of our community to enjoy and keeping it clean and safe is in the best interest of us all. 

Street Maintenance

A great big thank you goes out to our Maintenance Department for an outstanding job during our most recent snow and ice event.  All of our streets were clear and passable in a short period of time.  Your hard work is greatly appreciation.


Just as a reminder, during snow and ice events parking on the street may be restricted via the issuance of a Snow Emergency.  When this occurs please park off street so that our equipment can easily and safely travel the streets without incident.


Report pot holes by contacting us at 859.581.3359 or 859.581.3234. 

Beware of Solicitor's
Door to Door Solicitation

Recently, some residents have received multiple door-to-door solicitors visiting their homes.   All residents should ask to see a "Solicitor Permit" issued by the Taylor Mill Police Department.  This license would be in addition to a Kenton County Occupational License. The city permit should be on laminated City of Taylor Mill letterhead,  have  a photo i.d., the Police Chief's signature.  If the person cannot produce the "Solicitors Permit" then the resident should call the police to report the solicitor.  Religious organizations, Scouts, school and athletic fundraisers do not need a license.


No Knock Policy

Any resident who wishes to have their address placed on a list prohibiting uninvited solicitation on their property, please fill out a NO KNOCK registration from at the Taylor Mill Police Department.  This newly created list of "No Knock" addresses will be provided to the solicitor.  If your address is on the "No Knock" list, and a solicitor presents himself at your residence, please get the name of the company they are soliciting for and contact the Taylor Mill Police Department at 859.581.1192.



Any solicitor who approaches a resident must be able to present a copy of their Taylor Mill Solicitor/Peddler License that has been approved by the City.


How to obtain a Solicitor's Permit


Anyone wanting to solicit in the City of Taylor Mill must fill out a Solicitor Application Form.  A form can be found on our website or picked up at the Taylor Mill Police Department.  Once the form is completed, it must be reviewed by the Chief of Police and if approved a permit will be issued.  A copy of the Solicitor's Kenton County Occupational License must be submitted, along with a current driver's license.  All registered solicitors will receive a permit, a list of addresses that cannot be solicited and rules and regulations.  While soliciting, a copy of the permit must be with the solicitor in case they are ask to present it.  Please note:  religious organizations, Scouts, school and athletic fundraisers do not need a license. 

Fire House Dance
Please join us this evening!
The Taylor Mill Fire Department will be hosting their popular Fire House Dance this evening, March 22, 2012.  The event is for children ages 4th grade through 8th grade and held between the hours of 7 pm and 10 pm.  Cost of Admission is $5.00 per person. 
For more information please contact the Fire Department at 859.581.6565.
Join Our Mailing List
Need more information or further assistance, please contact any of your locally elected officials or Jill Bailey, City Administrator at 859.581.3234.  Thank you.