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Dry Eye Update

June 2014
Charles Bittel III, O.D., Inc.


Happy Summer! Congratulations to all our graduates and thank you to all our teachers. We hope all of our patients have a great summer filled with family vacations, BBQ's, or just long relaxing summer nights. 
But for some, with the summer heat, comes dry eyes! So we decided to do a dry eye update in this month's newsletter. Just like we introduced the GWIG app in last month's newsletter, there's a new Dry Eye app that we'll let you know about this month. And if you haven't liked our FB page yet, please click the link below to get weekly updates on new frame inventory, sales, and interesting articles.
Again, we wish you all a great summer. And if you've got someone home from college that needs an appointment, call us sooner rather than later because the back to school exams book up fast in July and August!
Happy reading! (And check out our new promotion at the end of the newsletter for some exciting news and a great deal!)



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Dye Eye Disease

Yes, you read that correctly. Most people that experience constant burning, stinging, watering, scratchy, or red eyes likely have Chronic Dry Eye Disease. While dry eyes is a symptom, it can also be a medical condition that often requires therapeutic treatment. The pharmaceutical company Allergan developed an app that helps people grade the severity of their dry eye based on a symptom questionnaire, and if treatment is initiated patients can then track their progress with the app. The app is called the Dry Eye OSDI Questionnaire and is a free download. (On a personal note, I think the app is quick to label results as moderate to severe dry eye so don't be alarmed if your results are worse than you expected.) 
Chronic Dry Eye Disease is typically treated using a tiered approach. Often symptoms are mild and can be well-managed with once or twice a day artificial tear use. If symptoms are a bit more moderate and still present even after artificial tears are used 3-4 times per day, we may recommend taking Omega-3 supplements or start a patient on a medication called Restasis. Lifestyle changes such as drinking more water, avoiding second-hand smoke (or smoking in general), making sure vents are not pointed at your face, and taking more frequent breaks at the computer can improve dry eye symptoms as well. If dry eye symptoms are still present even after being on Restasis, taking Omega-3 supplements, and making appropriate lifestyle changes, we may then refer to an ophthalmologist for punctal plugs (plugs that reduce tear drainage) or Lipiflow therapy.
There are a lot of artificial tears available, so we will typically recommend a specific drop based on your specific symptoms and clinical findings. We do advise against using any "gets the red out" drops on a daily basis as the blood vessels in your eyes do become dependent on the vasoconstrictors in these drops after a few days of regular use. If you think you might have Chronic Dry Eye Disease, make sure you mention your symptoms at your next exam so we can do some dry eye specific testing. And if you've tried artificial tears with limited success, take a brief look at the Restasis website to familiarize yourself with the medication before your next exam. 


About Us

Dr. Chuck Bittel (Senior) has been practicing in Yorba Linda for over 30 years. His son, Dr. Charlie Bittel III (Junior) has been practicing in Yorba Linda for the last 8 years and took over the practice in December 2012. The business has continued to grow through referrals of family and friends so we are always honored to see your loved ones and feel free to give us a Yelp if you see fit! We are also the first business in all of California to register with the new referral app GWIG (Go Where I Go)!


Learn more about Dr. Bittel Senior and Junior and about their practice on their website and Facebook page. 


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As of next week we are finally introducing the Ray-Ban line of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames into our practice!

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