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May 2014
Charles Bittel III, O.D., Inc.


In our March newsletter I mentioned that we were partnering with an amazing new app that would help us track word-of-mouth referrals. For over 30 years our business has grown primarily by happy patients referring their family and friends. While we appreciate every referral that comes our way, we are rarely able to acknowledge those referrals unless a new patient specifically mentions who referred them. Finally, there is an app available that will allow us to track referrals and therefore thank those of you who continue to help our business grow. I am very excited to announce that our practice is the first business in California to register with GWIG (Go Where I Go). If you download the GWIG app (available in iOS and Android) and mark our business as one of your favorites, you will be able to refer our practice to family, friends, and co-workers in a few simple clicks on your smartphone. And because we're a registered business with GWIG, we will be notified the second you make that referral and can therefore thank you accordingly. (We're currently working on a Loyalty Program for our top referrers but we have to think outside the box a bit as California does not allow medical businesses to reward referrals with anything of monetary value). GWIG is pre-populated with over 27 million businesses so when you mark your favorite optometrist, dentist, contractor, mechanic, painter, etc., it will be like carrying all of their business cards in your smartphone. And then as GWIG grows and more businesses register, they too will be able to track your referrals. We definitely appreciate our Yelp reviews and we know for a fact that those have helped our business grow as well, but it is still the word-of-mouth referrals that bring most of our new patients in, and now GWIG will allows us to track those valued referrals. 
Now, we're obviously excited about our partnership with GWIG, but as always we want to provide some educational content to these newsletters as well, and since Spring is upon us and Summer is around the corner, polarization is the topic this month. Specifically we'll discuss a product that you may have recently seen advertised on TV called Varilux Xperio. I used to think a polarized lens was a polarized lens, until I recently got to test drive a pair of Xperio lenses while on vacation in the Caribbean. They were amazing! I'll try my best to explain their amazingness in words, hopefully I do them justice.
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Dr. Charlie Bittel (Junior)
Dr. Chuck Bittel (Senior)
Dr. Joo Chi
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Polarization is a property of sunglasses that reduces glare. The best explanation I have ever heard is that polarized lenses act like a picket fence, in that they allow vertically oriented light rays to pass through them, while blocking horizontally oriented light rays that are bouncing off of horizontal surfaces. Imagine light bouncing off of your dashboard, a snowy ski slope, or water. Polarized lenses block these reflected rays. That is why fishermen almost always wear polarized lenses, because they eliminate the reflections off the surface of water and allow one to see fish just below the surface. Polarized lenses generally have good UV blocking properties and conventionally come in grey and brown tints. 
As I said in the introduction, I used to think that a polarized lens was a polarized lens. That is until I personally tried the Varilux Xperio lens. I noticed while on vacation in the Caribbean that when wearing my Xperio lenses, I was still appreciating the vibrant blues of the water and vivid colors of my surroundings, and that my eyes just felt relaxed. When comparing my Xperio lenses to my other grey polarized sunglasses, the normal polarized lenses definitely helped with glare reduction, but they also seemed to dull the vibrant colors of the Caribbean. I also noticed that at the end of my trip, after wearing the Xperio lenses to the beach, in the ocean, and letting them sit around on wet sandy clothes, they came back without a scratch. I was definitely impressed, and since I rarely get to test drive new technology since most of the new technology surrounds Progressive Addition Lenses, I asked our resident Varilux expert Casey for a more technical explanation of why the Xperio lens, at least in my opinion, performs better than a conventional polarized lens. Here's a summary of the experts' explanation:

Xperio UV™ superior polarized sun lenses give you the sharpest vision, offer maximum UV protection, and provide better protection and comfort than tinted or clear lenses.

Features and Benefits
Maximum UV Eye Protection - With the Eye-Sun Protection Factor™ (E-SPF™) 50+, Xperio UV is the only outdoor lens solution that provides at least 50 times more protection from dangerous UV radiation, compared to wearing no lenses at all. Xperio UV not only blocks transmitted UV radiation, but also blocks frontside UV transmission AND eliminates backside UV reflection.

Scratch Resistant - Independent tests show Xperio UV lenses are up to 3x more scratch-resistant than the leading competitor/sun lens on the market.


Xperio UV lenses are formulated with a technologically advanced hard coat and an easy to clean layer on the front and backside of the lens. This means the lenses are stronger, and more dirt and smudge resistant than any other lens. No other sun lens resists dirt, dust, smudges, oil and waters as Xperio UV.


Thank you as always Casey for the technical explanation. Well ultimately, seeing is believing. We will have a pair of Xperio demo lenses in our office for the Spring/Summer season so that if you'd like to see the difference for yourself, be sure to stop by and test drive a pair. And if you'd like to learn even more about Xperio lenses there's a lot of great info on the Xperio UV website.




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Dr. Chuck Bittel (Senior) has been practicing in Yorba Linda for over 30 years. His son, Dr. Charlie Bittel III (Junior) has been practicing in Yorba Linda for the last 8 years and took over the practice in December 2012. The business has continued to grow through referrals of family and friends so we are always honored to see your loved ones and feel free to give us a Yelp if you see fit! We are also the first business in all of California to register with the new referral app GWIG (Go Where I Go)!


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