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Myopia (Nearsightedness) Prevention in Kids

March 2012
Charles Bittel III, O.D., Inc.


Happy belated New Year, belated Valentine's Day, and early St. Patrick's Day! 2012 has gotten off to quite a start as Dr. Bittel III's second year of being in the practice full-time is underway. This looks to be an exciting year already as we are currently testing out a new Progressive Addition Lens technology, and new daily disposible contact lenses for our patients with astigmatism are on the horizon.  We're rolling out new promotions for our glasses wearers (see the offer at the bottom of the newsletter) and the rebates for our contact lens wearers will be available again in 2012. And a re-branding effort for the practice is currently in the works and may be launched towards the end of this year, so keep and eye out and we'll keep you posted.

Thank you as always for your time and interest in our newletter. This month's issue is short and sweet, but quite interesting for all you parents out there (especially to those of us who have possibly passed on our "bad eyes" genes).



Charles Bittel O.D.

Charles Bittel III, O.D.


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Myopia Prevention Study

A question the we understandably answer almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, is what can I do as a parent to prevent my child from becoming more and more nearsighted? (Nearsighted means that a person can see well up close, but experiences blurred distance vision without glasses or contact lenses.) Some parents have worn glasses since they were young and want to know if they can prevent the same fate for their kids. And some parents whose children are already in glasses want to know if they can do anything to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness). While there is still no clear-cut answer to either of these questions, some evidence did come out recently that shed a bit more light on the questions at hand.


A recent finding by the American Academy of Ophthalmology found that children that spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop myopia. Specifically this finding, which was based on 8 different studies that included over 10,000 children, found that for every extra hour of outdoor activity per week, the likelihood of developing myopia decreased by 2%. Furthermore, it determined that nearsighted children spent 3.7 fewer hours per week outdoors than farsighted children (children that do not need glasses or contact lenses to see clearly in the distance). The link between outdoor play and myopia prevention is not quite clear, but logically it seems that if the eyes (and the brain) recognize that seeing distance objects (birds, trees, baseballs, bike jumps, etc.) is just as important as seeing near objects (books, computers, cell phones, etc.), than they will recognize the need for a proper balance between distance and near vision.


Now realistically speaking, genetics still play a significant role in myopia development. If both parents are nearsighted, there is a strong chance that their child will be nearsighted as well, even if they spend every waking minute playing outdoors. And if a child loves to read, the intellectual stimulation and knowledge they acquire while reading are probably positives that outweigh the negatives risks associated with myopia development. So ultimately a logical balance of outdoor and indoor activities is probably the best thing for children. If a child loves to play outside, they'll likely be fit and healthy and  less likely to develop myopia. And if a child loves to read, that obviously should not be discouraged, but an hour or two of outdoor play every day would likely help that child to stay fit and healthy and less likely to develop myopia. When it comes to the debate between the benefits of outdoor play versus reading and studying, one could find a number of positives associated with either of those activities. But I'm sure that most parents would agree that when it comes to the benefits of outdoor play versus indoor video games, outdoor play has many more checks in the "positives" column. 




Glasses Promotion: Have you ever thought about prescription sunglasses for driving or vacationing, or computer specific glasses for work. Charles Bittel, O.D., Inc. is excited to announce our "20/30" Glasses Promotion for 2012! We are offering 20% off any second pair of glasses and 30% off any third pair of glasses when purchased within 90 days of your exam. (See offer below for details on the promotion) 


Contact Lens Rebates: Many contact lens companies are again offering rebates with the purchase of an annual supply of contact lenses (or a 6 month supply of daily disposables). This can significantly reduce the price paid per box of contacts, especially when used in conjunction with vision insurance. Purchasing contacts with a rebate is almost always cheaper than purchasing from a warehouse or distribution website. Please ask us if your contact lens manufacturer is presently offering any rebates.


* Shipping to your home or office is FREE when ordering a year supply of contact lenses!
Daily Disposable Contacts for Astigmatism: If you wish you could enjoy the benefits of a daily disposable contact lens but have been limited by your astigmatism in the past, a new daily disposable contact lens for astigmatism is on the horizon. Dr. Bittel is high on the priority list to receive a fitting set and will be one of the first doctors in the area allowed to fit patients with this new lens.


Optomap: Many of you are aware that we have a digital retinal camera that takes a detailed picture of the back of the eye. The retinal image gives Dr. Bittel a view of the back of the eye that he would not be able to see unless he dilated your pupils. We are recommending baseline photos for all new patients (even kids/teenagers) and for existing patients that have yet to take the pictures. This test is still not completely covered by insurance, but Dr. Bittel offers ALL patients the insurance discounted price of $39.  


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