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Fall, 2014 Newsletter  ~  Estate Planning Awareness Week 


Estate Planning Awareness Week -
Does your plan need a check-up?

October 20-26 is estate planning awareness week! 

It is a good idea to review your estate plan every 3-4 years, even to confirm that the general documents and specific provisions are still the right ones for your current situation.  You should review your estate plan sooner if there are any financial or personal changes.
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Beware of this Deed Scam!


If you receive a very "official-looking" notice in the mail telling you to pay $83 for a copy of your recorded deed, do NOT send the money!  This is a scam, being sent out primarily to people who have just purchased a new home.  You probably already have a copy of your deed; but even if you don't, you can get a copy from the local Registry of Deeds - in most cases for free online, or if not, for a nominal charge.

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10 Steps to Painless Estate Planning

This article gives a good, clear summary about estate planning basics:
NY Times -There's More to Estate Planning than Just the Will:

This recent NY Times article stresses the importance of several documents that should be part of your estate plan:

Important Documents for College-Age Children

Once your children turn age 18, you, as parents, no longer have the legal authority to act for them or access their information.  Each adult child should have a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Proxy in place.

New Parents - Naming Guardians for Minor Children:

What to think about when naming guardians for minor children: 



Message from Attorney Robin Gorenberg


As always, it is my philosophy to educate you and to make you feel comfortable  

with the estate planning process and the documents you have in place. 


Feel free to view my web site and my prior newsletters for more  

information about estate planning, including the federal and MA estate tax,  

and basic documents you should have in place, such as  

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies.   



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