April 7, 2017
National Association of Postal Supervisors

Total Members as of 
February 2017 DCO:




Grand Total 

SPLY DCO Feb. 2016
Total Members: 26,106


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SPAC funds as of

$ 65,745
SPAC Totals for 2017
 SPAC Per Capita

per member
$ 2.54

Region Aggregate*

$ 14,964
$ 14,002

$ 13,366

$ 12,479

$ 10,934
* Rounded

Region Per Capita   
 $ 2.84
Southern$ 2.60
$ 2.59
$ 2.49
$ 2.18

Area Aggregate*

$ 7,100
Capitol Atlantic

$ 6,337

$ 6,296

New York

$ 6,014
$ 5,605
Rocky Mountain
$ 4,239

$ 4,199


$ 4,072

$ 3,899
New England
$ 3,876
$ 3,467

$ 2,501


$ 2,468

Central Gulf

$ 2,185

North Central

$ 2,007
Cotton Belt

$ 1,480
* Rounded

Area Per Capita
$ 3.68
$ 3.36

$ 3.19

$ 3.07
Central Gulf
$ 2.84

Rocky Mountain
$ 2.81

$ 2.50

New York
$ 2.47
Capitol Atlantic
$ 2.44
$ 2.38
New England
$ 2.28
North Central
$ 2.27
$ 2.19
$ 2.12

$ 1.79
Cotton Belt
$ 1.65

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Phone:  (309) 694-0200

Hotel Room Rates:  $145.00 for single or double; $155.00 for triple
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Red Jacket Mountain View Resort, 2251 White Mountain Highway N, Conway NH,
Hotel: 603-356-7816
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Brian's Blog
Being Calm, Cool, and Collected during March Madness! 
Brian Wagner
March Madness wasn't as maddening as I thought it could be. A lot was happening on the NAPS front with a busy LTS, an Executive Board meeting and dialogue with the Postal Service. However, our NAPS team was calm, cool and collected. Here's the scoop.
First, we had another very successful Legislative Training Seminar (LTS). Our NAPS legislative team did another outstanding job, including our Auxiliary. We had over 500 NAPS and auxiliary members attend our annual legislative event. That total included over 60 first-timers. Our LTS delegates were in force as we hit Capitol Hill to promote H.R. 756, Postal Reform Act of 2017. I truly enjoyed being on the Hill on Tuesday, March 7 with members meeting with congressional leaders and their aides about H.R. 756.
Second, our Executive Board met from March 8-10 at NAPS headquarters to conduct the business of the organization. Besides passing a very challenging budget for our next fiscal year, we heard from numerous postal officials. I was very pleased that Postmaster General Megan Brennan, USPS COO Dave Williams and Vice President Labor Relations Doug Tulino addressed our Executive Board. They provided NAPS with an update on the state of the USPS, but also listened to our concerns and answered questions. I believe it speaks volumes as a positive message to NAPS and our members when executive postal leadership attends our NAPS Executive Board and dialogues with NAPS leadership.
Third, I attended a Kaizen teleconference with USPS HQ as they reported findings on a project related to USPS Maintenance and Customer Services LDC 38 hours for custodian and contracting workload. This project reviewed maintenance compliance issues, additional training and the needs of postmasters and Customer Service supervisors who manage custodians and their workload.
Fourth, NAPS attended a briefing at USPS HQ on the October 2016 Postal Pulse results. The USPS Postal Pulse initiative has a long way to go to move that needle in a more positive direction. However, speaking of moving in a positive direction, I did meet with USPS COO Dave Williams at the end of March as part of our ongoing NAPS/USPS quarterly meetings. Mr. Williams spoke at our Executive Board meeting in March, but this was another opportunity for NAPS to follow up on any outstanding issues. Our meeting was very productive with discussions on SWC's, unauthorized details, and reviewing district staffing workload.
Fifth, I attended the Northeast Region Training Seminar in March assisting with training, answering members' questions and listening to their concerns. It was a great turnout that followed with great training.  Hats off to the Northeast Region for another successful training seminar.
Sixth, the Resident Officers continued with our weekly pay talk team teleconferences. These teleconferences will continue until NAPS finalizes an EAS pay package with the USPS.
This past month, I tried to be a little calmer and not to go bananas as we prepared for LTS. Therefore, I think it is only fitting that my ice cream flavor of the week recommendation is Banana Fudge Praline!
Ivan's Den 
I know what is expected of me at work.
Ivan Butts  

This is question #1 on the Postal Pulse survey. This speaks to having a clear understanding of what is expected of you as a Leader. I believe this is critical information needed to effectively lead an operation. How much greater could your leadership be if you had a clear vision of what your goals are? How do your actions impact actions further down the road?
How much more of a positive influence could you be leading your workgroup armed with this type of knowledge? How can you get this type of knowledge? I believe this is part of your manager's role in the engagement process. If we are to succeed in our efforts with engagement, we will have to move past statements and actions that just don't get it done.
Just do it is a great slogan for the Nike brand. However, it does not fit in the world of engagement and knowing expectation. Neither does the following;
"Get it done." "If you can't do it I will get someone who can." "If I have to tell you, why do I need you?" When I talk to leaders who are struggling with performing, often these are the type of responses that are being received. It makes you ask--is this engagement? The reality is that it is engagement.
This is engagement in the negative sense of the word and surely is not the intentions of USPS engagement program. However, it is still engagement. It is also a reality for some leaders in the field. So how do you manage in this environment?
Continue to pursue the critical information needed for leading your group. Engage your manager for the detailed understanding of the mission and how it relates to your work group. Talk about any skills that may be needed, that you currently do not have. Be engaging in what operational functions that you have not been trained or sufficiently trained.
A drum major is the leader of a marching band, drum and bugle corps, or pipe band, usually positioned at the head of the band or corps. The drum major, who is often dressed in more ornate clothing than the rest of the band or corps, is responsible for providing commands to the ensemble, and leads them while marching, and directs them what to play when to play, and what time to keep. Continue moving to learn and grow to be the Drum Major of your workgroup.

In Solidarity. . .

Chuck's Corner
LTS - Inspirational and Informational
Chuck Mulidore

As this was my first LTS as your national secretary/treasurer, I couldn't resist the temptation to offer my thoughts on this very successful event, especially because the LTS is more than a meeting to discuss postal legislation or initiatives, although that is the primary motivation for the seminar. Let's take a moment to walk through the LTS.
The event starts with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, a solemn event each year that honors NAPS members who have served our great nation in the armed forces. If you never have attended this event, please do so next year when you come to LTS; you will not be disappointed.
As the opening day of LTS progressed from Arlington Cemetery back to the Marriott Crystal City Gateway Hotel, the early afternoon non-denominational worship service provided even more inspiration. The Holloway Family offered uplifting, moving and beautiful music that broadened and rewarded our faith-not favoring any particular religion, but providing a backdrop to the talents of NAPS own Rev. Prescott Butler, who preached to the group a poignant message of love and unity.
This year, we had 62 first-time delegates, most of whom attended the First-Timers orientation on Sunday, giving them guidance on their upcoming visits to Capitol Hill. Opening day then wrapped up with the Town Hall meeting, where LTS attendees interacted, gave comments and asked questions of the NAPS resident officers and members of the Executive Board.
I have to recognize the efforts of Executive Vice President Ivan D. Butts in putting together an engaging and interesting LTS program. Please help me thank our NAPS staff for all their hard work in support of LTS. Bruce Moyer, our legislative counsel, was a guiding force in these efforts. This year, NAPS has endorsed H.R. 756 as a solution for many of the woes that have bedeviled the Postal Service since 2006.
H.R. 756 is not a perfect bill, but nothing that comes from compromise ever is. Thus, NAPS looked at the big picture for all our members; we believe this legislation is worth supporting and being passed by Congress for the long-term viability of the Postal Service. A strong, stable Postal Service is not only good for NAPS members, but it's good for America, as well.
LTS was very successful as our delegates converged on Capitol Hill to spread the message to legislators and their staff, providing that reality check our members of Congress often need to understand postal issues. Congratulations to the men and women who "hit the Hill" and gave such strong momentum to our legislative agenda. Thank you!
If you did not or could not attend LTS this year, please make plans for LTS in 2018. It's a unique and refreshing experience-one you will never forget.

Katie's Quips
Postal Reform Offers the Bipartisanship the House Seeks

Katie Maddocks
After the passage of H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act, within the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the House Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce Committees will need to take up the bill before it can move on to be voted upon by the entire House of Representatives. At the end of March, it looked as if the Ways and Means Committee's agenda would be consumed with trying to pass the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act with the American Health Care Act, H.R. 1628. However, as H.R. 1628 failed to pass, the committee is moving on.
Most likely Ways and Means will address tax reform, but as this is a contentious issue. Therefore, members of the Ways and Means Committee are looking to take up legislation that has bipartisan support and will receive general support from the public such as H.R. 756.
Members of the Ways and Means Committee, from both sides of the aisle, expressed passage of the bill would be a great win for all. As the committee tackles hot button items like health care and tax reform, taking on H.R. 756 would be an easy option. The legislation already passed unanimously in another congressional committee and has support from USPS and postal groups. Moving the bill forward would be a clear victory for members of Congress. H.R. 756 addresses the prefunding obligation; provides accurate calculations of pension costs; integrates postal service health benefits program and Medicare in order to save $1.8 billion; and, increases postal rates by 2.15 percent, all of which adds to the sustainability of the Postal Service.
During the 2017 LTS, NAPS delegates were encouraged to speak with their representatives on the Ways and Means committee on the benefits of passing H.R. 756. It is important to continue this communication, urging lawmakers to not to forget about the bill during this hectic Congressional period. Contact information for member of the House of Representatives can be found at www.house.gov. For updates on H.R. 756, please visit the NAPS website, www.naps.org.

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