March 3, 2017
National Association of Postal Supervisors

Total Members as of 
January 2017 DCO:




Grand Total 

SPLY DCO Jan. 2016
Grand Total: 26,237


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SPAC funds as of

$ 22,246
SPAC Totals for 2017
 SPAC Per Capita

per member
$ 0.86

Region Aggregate*

$ 5,855
$ 5,613

$ 4,315

$ 3,825

$ 2,638
* Rounded

Region Per Capita   
$ 1.08
Eastern$ 1.05
$ 0.87
$ 0.75
$ 0.53

Area Aggregate*

$ 2,974
Rocky Mountain

$ 2,214

Capitol Atlantic

$ 2,115


$ 1,886
$ 1,755
$ 1,638

$ 1,439
New England$ 1,397
Illini Area
$ 1,370
Pioneer Area
$ 1,050
Michiana Area
$ 1,035
$ 769
New York

$ 715
Cotton Belt

$ 710
North Central

$ 651
Central Gulf

$ 528
* Rounded

Area Per Capita
$ 1.83
Rocky Mountain
$ 1.47
$ 1.33
$ 1.07
$ 0.98
New England
$ 0.82
$ 0.82
Capitol Atlantic
$ 0.81
Cotton Belt
$ 0.79
$ 0.76
North Central
$ 0.74
$ 0.71
Central Gulf
$ 0.69
$ 0.65
$ 0.61
New York
$ 0.29

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March  - 3/3/2017
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March 24-25, 2017

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March 31 - April 1, 2017
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Texas Area Training
April 21-22, 2017
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Contact:  Luz Moreno (773) 726-4357

Dates:  April 27, 2017 (Noon to 5pm) - Training  Seminar ONLY

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Location:  Embassy Suites and Conference Center, East Peoria, IL

Phone:  (309) 694-0200

Hotel Room Rates:  $145.00 for single or double; $155.00 for triple
New England Area Training
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Red Jacket Mountain View Resort, 2251 White Mountain Highway N, Conway NH,
Hotel: 603-356-7816
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Brian's Blog
You Gotta Love February!
Next - March Legislative Madness
Brian Wagner
Not only was February busy as we celebrated Groundhog's, Valentine's, President's Day and Black History Month, it was also busy with political and NAPS activities, too. Here's the scoop.
One of the first orders of business in February was NAPS Headquarters and our Legislative Counsel, Bruce Moyer, reviewed proposed legislation; H.R. 756, Postal Reform Act of 2017. After our review, NAPS sent a letter to Chairman Jason Chaffetz and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on February 6th informing them of our support of H.R. 756. Though this bill is not perfect, we believe it provides for the greater good of our members and the sustainability of the Postal Service.
The second weekend in February, I attended the 19th annual California Postal Employees Legislative Coalition event. The California Coalition was an excellent event with no signs of stopping. There were speakers from all the postal unions, NARFE and postal management associations. Participants at the California Legislative Coalition provided a wide perspective of opinions of the impact various legislation could have on the Postal Service, including that of H.R. 756. One message that seemed to resonate was for everyone to get legislatively informed. Let me assure you that NAPS was well represented thanks to our own NAPS Western Region VP, Marilyn Walton, who was instrumental in the coordination of this annual California Legislative Coalition event.
This past month, I attended a NAPS state board meeting, a branch annual dinner and another branch's retirement and scholarship recognition dinner. At the state board meeting, I had the opportunity to be part of an installation of officers. It is always an honor to participate in branch and state events. The honor gets even greater when witnessing branch's giving back to their members in the form of student scholarships and overall fellowship.
Our Resident Officer weekly pay talk teleconferences continued in February. Though NAPS must wait until the NALC ratifies their Agreement with the USPS before we can start our pay consultation, we are continuing our efforts to prepare for a successful EAS pay package.
As a quick update, there is much to celebrate with our NAPS 2017 Membership Drive. We mailed over 9,800 recruitment packets to non-members at the end of January. To date, over 150 new 1187's have been received.
With the assistance of our NAPS Executive Board Postmasters Committee, a new recruitment packet is being prepared for mailing in March to all level 18 and above post offices encouraging EAS to join NAPS.
On a personal note, one of the biggest highlights of my February was celebrating my granddaughter's 1st birthday. In her honor, my ice cream flavor of the week recommendation is Birthday Bash!

Ivan's Den 
Postal Reform Showing Positive Movement

Ivan Butts  

On Feb. 7, I attended a hearing on H.R. 756, the "Postal Service Reform Act of 2017." The bill was introduced Jan. 31 by a bipartisan group of legislators I call the "Gang of Five Plus One." The reason is that, during the second session of the 114th Congress, five leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee introduced similar legislation by way of H.R. 5714. The bill was introduced late in the session on July 11, 2016, by Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Gerry Connolly (D-VA), Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Stephan Lynch (D-MA)-a group referred to in the press as the "Gang of Five."
In this first session of the 115th Congress, Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) rejoined the committee and signed on as the sixth legislator co-sponsoring this legislation. You may remember Ross as the sole co-sponsor of H.R. 2309, postal reform legislation introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) in the first session of the 112th Congress on June 23, 2011.
H.R. 756 has posed a challenge for your NAPS leaders due to the well-noted concerns regarding the integration of Medicare benefits for all retirees. This provision also is viewed as the major component to returning the USPS to financial sustainability. As I write this article, the USPS reported its 20th consecutive quarter of financial losses.
This legislation has the benefit of offering transitional reductions in Medicare Part B premiums to newly enrolled Postal Service annuitants and family members in the following amounts: first year-75 percent; second year-50 percent; and third year-25 percent.
The bill also standardizes among all EAS employees the right of appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). NAPS has advocated for years to make MSPB due process a reality for 7,500 EAS employees. Inclusion of the MSPB provision in the bipartisan postal reform bill shows the strength of our case and is a significant step forward. Movement of this legislation early in the 115th Congress signals a real opportunity for positive change for NAPS.
In weighing our support of postal reform, NAPS leaders took a comprehensive look at the entire bill and the difficult situation facing the Postal Service. It became clear the Postal Service's financial problems only are going to worsen down the road, given mail volume trends and the inflexible obligations the agency faces under current law. That downward path, despite the bright spots in parcels, will not be kind to the Postal Service or postal supervisors. Finding a sustainable future for the USPS must start with the kinds of tools contained in H.R. 756 to help the agency return to profitability and begin to show black ink.
During review of the bill, I asked myself, "How long will it be until the new administration hears about USPS quarterly losses?" and "How might it react?" The answer may lie in what Trump campaign adviser Rudy Giuliani said this past October when he suddenly told MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle that the government isn't capable of doing much. "The government can't run the Post Office!" Guiliani exclaimed. (For more, see my December 2016 article.)
What was striking to me was this comment about America's Postal Service was an unsolicited response while discussing an unrelated matter; proponents of privatizing the USPS are alive and well. We must look to the needs of the many in helping create a sustainable future for the USPS.          

In Solidarity. . .

Chuck's Corner
March is More than Spring
Chuck Mulidore

Although the cherry blossoms are not quite ready to bloom just yet here in Washington DC, Spring is nonetheless on its way. If you are like me, it cannot get here soon enough. If you are a basketball fan, you know that March Madness is also just around the corner as well. So, with Spring and March Madness arriving soon, there is another important event on the calendar in March. That is the 2017 Legislative Training Seminar from March 5 - 8, here in our nation's capital.
Over 500 NAPS members will be converging to discuss pending legislation at the Crystal Gateway Marriott. Then they will travel to Capitol Hill to stress the NAPS legislative agenda with their congressional representatives. It's all part of NAPS grassroots effort to help secure the long-term financial stability of the Postal Service now, as well as establish a link to each US Representative and Senator that will promote NAPS legislative goals for the future. This is democracy in action. While we often see the dysfunction of politics in our society, your voices talking to your representatives is a powerful message, and one that is heard and recognized by your members of Congress.
However, even more effective is to have that conversation with your US Representative or US Senator back home, near you, in their districts or states. They are home many weeks of the year, giving you an opportunity to be heard, to promote the legislative message of NAPS right in your backyard. These members of Congress will see you. They want to have time with you. You are their constituent and you are a voter!
While we applaud and appreciate those folks coming to LTS soon to meet with their congressional representatives, we need all NAPS members to get out and go to townhall events, schedule meetings at the offices of your political leaders, and become vocal about the legislative message of NAPS. We know Congress has a lot of issues to address, but we cannot let them forget how important the Postal Service is to the commerce of America and what an integral role the Postal Service plays in all aspects of American life.
This importance was recognized by the framers of our Constitution in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 7 ... "The Congress shall have Power To...establish Post Offices and post Roads....". We are the legacy of that mission. We have a responsibility to pass that legacy on to future generations ... a strong, independent, successful, and vibrant Post Office that definitely will have a place in American society for generations to come.
We know how important the long-term viability of the Postal Service is, and each year we come together on Capitol Hill to remind our representatives of their responsibility to the nation by keeping the Postal Service a part of the fabric of America. Thus, if you cannot come to Washington D.C. this year to lobby Congress, get involved back home. Work with other NAPS advocates locally to get the message out. Contribute to NAPS' political action committee, SPAC, and become a friend to your local member of Congress.
We are facing extraordinary challenges as postal/federal employees. We must all become activists in some manner, but the good news is when we unite behind a common goal, we cannot be stopped. Enjoy the coming Spring!

Katie's Quips
Congressional Meetings Beyond LTS

Katie Maddocks
We here at NAPS Headquarters are excited to see everyone next week at the 2017 Legislative Training Seminar (LTS)! Monday morning of the LTS will be dedicated to reviewing the 2017 NAPS Issue Brief and Congressional Talking Points to prepare delegates for meetings on Capitol Hill on Tuesday and Wednesday with elected officials in the House of Representatives and Senate. These items are already on the NAPS website.
LTS is a great opportunity to educate lawmakers on NAPS issues and the need for a sustainable postal service. Our congressional leaders need to hear how the postal service affects your community and neighbors, and why the country deserves a postal service that can meet the demands of the American people.
While we are building relationships with members of Congress during LTS, it is important to continue to grow these relationships throughout the year and at the local level. NAPS members are encouraged to contact their Representative and Senators local offices and schedule follow up meetings. This can easily be done by contacting the offices directly and asking if the Representative or Senators are able to meet with constituents. By talking with your elected officials throughout the year, you are keeping NAPS issues and concerns at the forefront and ensuring the postal service remains an important legislative topic.
If you have questions about how to make an appointment with your member of Congress or if you need an update on legislation affecting NAPS members, please feel free to contact me at 703-836-9660 or at By keeping your elected officials informed, you are strengthening NAPS' message.

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