2015 AHA, Inc. International Conference: Round Up Your Resources and more!
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We met our double matching goal and have raised $30,000 for the Cunningham/Mountain Valley Educational Endowment Fund!
As soon as the final matching dollars are in we will have over $90,000!
Thank you to all our donors who helped us reach this goal!

We will continue to work towards the last $10,000 and keep you all abreast of our progress.
2015 Photo Contest
Thanks to all who submitted and voted! 
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AHA, Inc.'s 5th International Conference
March 19 - 22, 2015

We will begin to send out monthly updates related to conference!
Watch in September for a separate call for posters as we did in 2013.
How do I get more involved as an AHA, Inc. Member?

By joining a committee or task force.  Let us know via email.  We are currently looking for 2015 conference committee members.

Summer 2014
Our Summer Newsletter includes updates on our 2015 Conference: Round Up Your Resources! Moving forward you will receive a regular conference newsletter, with the above conference logo header, as well as separate membership news.  We want to be sure that you do not miss any important conference information.

Summer has been busy in our office.  June 26th - 28th AHA, Inc. staff, Education Chair, Lisa Harris, PT, HPCS, and Standards and Practice Chair, Dr. Roy Aldridge, DPT, worked together to host the June 2014 AHA,Inc. Faculty Meeting.
Faculty Meeting 2014, GA
AHA,Inc. Faculty meeting.  This is a biennially event where major updates to manuals and courses are made, faculty give in-person feedback to the board/organization, development of new courses/materials and so much more. Thank you to all our current and past faculty members for making us the amazing educational organization we are.

We also continue to make progress on the insurance front and will have an update specific to insurance out soon.

Also, don't miss the 15% off coupon to shop in our NEW store, scroll down to see it!  We will be sure to include a regular special for our members in each issue of the e-news.
Conference Updates!

Thanks to all who submitted abstracts!  The review process has begun.  We will begin the call for Posters in September. 

Now excepting submissions for 2015 AHA, Inc. Horse of the Year and 2015 AHA, Inc. Therapist of the Year!  Click on the award name to access the forms and begin the process.

For the latest updates visit the 2015 Conference Link from our home page.
Upcoming Educational Opportunities:
(Just click the email contact to connect directly with the hosting facility!)
The Horse Connection: Long Lining
Sept. 27 - 28, 2014
BraveHearts at the Bergman Center, Poplar Grove, IL
Phone: 815-765-2113
Contact: Tanya Wennmacher at clinic.director@braveheartsriding.org
For additional courses and dates just visit our educational course calender.
Level I's


Aug 14 - 17, 2014

Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center, Lubbock, TX


Contact: Tangi Irwin at tangela.I.arant@ttu.edu


Visit the AHA, Inc. Educational Calender for Level I courses in October and through the end of 2014.  

Faculty do take breaks.  Playing a quick game of sticks in this shot.


Level II's
Sept. 18 - 21, 2014
EBC Therapy Center, East Bearn, NY
Phone: 815-765-2113
Contact: Tanya Wennmacher at clinic.director@braveheartsriding.org


Visit the AHA, Inc. Educational Calender for Level II courses after this date through the end of 2014.

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Our goal is to provide quality educational courses and outreach materials, which will continue to support what you do in treatment. Let us know if you have ideas which can help grow our mission, while supporting our goals, send us an e-mail.


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Executive Director
American Hippotherapy Association, Inc.

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Thanks to all our members and supporters!

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