KGM Prayer Points | January 2016

Hi, KGM praying friends:
Thank you for interceding for and with us through 2015 and launching us into 2016. Without doubt you're the most important part of this ministry. Everything that happens to us positively is a result of your prayer. Everything the enemy tries to destroy is paralyzed through your prayer. Either way we win when we pray.

Here are our prayer points for this month:
1. Please pray for Felipe and me. We are in India. Our KGM leader here, Yashwant Paul, has developed more than 300 house churches. We are here for the first time imparting and training his leaders. If you could only see how incredible your Kingdom investment is here in India. Someday, I want to take you with me. You can see some photos of this ministry trip our KGM Facebook Page.
2. We are scheduled to close the sale and move into our new mentoring home on January 23rd. We will simply refer to it as the TITUS HOME. As you know, the New Testament book of Titus is where Paul cites what men should teach men and what women should teach women. Devi and I have gone through incredible enemy opposition but the devil will fail again. Satan hates the home. Please pray for divine wisdom, provision, and anointing to accomplish our mandate to restore the dignity and sanctity of the home.
3. Pray for our nation. We need to pray like never before for God to move in the elections. This is not a political election, pitting two parties against each other, but spiritual warfare, with the goal of Satan to totally destroy our national values. We must pray for a total culture-changing revival.
4. We have a pending Missions project that is still incomplete. Pray for $3,500, to complete the $8,000 project to dig a well of clean water in Abujah, Nigeria. They have been waiting for this for over one year. We want to cross this off of our list.
5. Pray for KGM World Connect, August 29-September 2, 2016 in Dallas. We are creating the schedule, focus themes, and invitation lists.

Thank you for your love and sustaining prayers.
I love you,