KGM Prayer Team | June 2015 Prayer Points


I can't thank you enough for praying for the needs of KGM and our global ministry. It is so encouraging to know that people are praying with us. God's heart is touched and his hand extended as we present our needs before his throne.
  • Please pray for the Teleios Men's Mega Summit, in Oxnard, CA, June 26 & 27. Hundreds of men are coming to be filled and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Please pray for the ministry of Lauren Philips and Brittany Hall as they lead a team to provide water wells and ministry to Uganda. They will be partnering with Moses Nyanzi to evangelize several of the villages on Islands in Lake Victoria.
  • Please pray for Jeremiah Swaray as he expands his orphanage, school and church to care for the 16,000 orphans in Sierra Leone as a result of the Ebola epidemic.
  • Though it's over 14 months away, Devi, Felipe and I need wisdom as we prepare for 2016 KGM World Connect in Dallas next year. We need the Holy Spirit's guidance for the program, the speakers, the sponsors, the venue and the worship leaders. 
  • Finances are always a challenge.  We desperately need additional staff and consequently need additional monthly support. 
Thank you for joining with me as a point of unity in praying for these needs. I'm so grateful for your concerted intercession on our behalf.

Much love in Jesus,

Larry Titus