KGM Prayer Team Launch


We are excited to launch the KGM Prayer Team. The first Prayer Points bulletin is being sent to the entire KGM family as an invitation for you to join. To be a part of the KGM Prayer Team, please click here. This is the most important aspect of our ministry.

Now, let's start praying. Here are our Prayer Points so together we can pray in "one accord." 


A few weeks ago we issued an urgent prayer request regarding the possible acquisition of a Mentoring Mansion. We began the process of purchasing the home. The seller accepted our offer, contingent on us selling our home. We had pre-approval for our loan, and we listed our home for sale. After one week, the seller gave us notice that he had another buyer. He offered us 72 hours to remove our contingency. The pressure was on, and we lost our peace. We did not believe this was wise. The seller decided to move forward selling the home to the other buyer. We were very disappointed.  We loved this home. But we know that God is in control, and we cannot move forward without peace. So, here we are, trusting again. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and prayer support. This journey has not ended yet. We will move forward until God swings the door open. We will have a Mentoring Mansion again. We just do not know his timing. Keep praying.



Let's thank God for the following things:

  • The KGM West Africa conference in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, was very anointed and is really growing under the leadership of Pastors Frank Aikins and his wife, Dr. Elfleda Aikins. We are so grateful for them.
  • The Ebola Orphan's Relief led by Jeremiah Swaray. We are so grateful for those who have made this possible. View the full report on this link.
  • For the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the lives of each of our family members.
  • For the provision through our donors. May God bless each KGM donor with increase in their lives; financially, spiritually, and relationally.


  • Increased biblical insight as we prepare for our next assignment of speaking in Brazil. Open revelation to us.
  • Strength and health as we embark on an intense season of travel. Protection from viruses and disease.
  • A powerful visitation of the Holy Spirit at the Teleios Men's Mega Summit in Oxnard, CA, June 26 & 27.
  • Strategic relationships with reproducing leaders.
  • Prayer for the marriages and families of church leaders.
  • A Mentoring Mansion with 5-6 suites, with large enough common areas to host 75 people comfortably.
  • A Mentoring Mansion capital campaign launch of $50,000. The forming of the MM FOUNDATION CLUB consisting of 50 donors giving $1,000 each.
  • $20,000 for the next press run of THE TABLE EXPERIENCE. We are almost out of books!
  • 50 new monthly donors to KGM.
Thank you for joining with us in prayer. You are a vital part of our lives and ministry. We will update you as prayers are answered.

We love you,
Devi and Larry Titus