"Commanding More Sell-Out Crowds Than Virtually Any Other Act!"

"A Tribute to Sinatra with Dave Halston"

When they wanted a singer worthy of Mrs. Frank Sinatra, they insisted on someone who naturally mirrored the sound and essence of her late husband. For Barbara Sinatra, there was only one option: Dave Halston.

Halston's brilliant Tribute to Sinatra and his audacious Rat Pack shows are top-rated in the nation! Dave's shows are exciting and unforgettable. More than an "impersonation", Dave delivers a stunning "interpretation" of that familiar style and swagger. The resemblance is so remarkable that some insist he's lip-syncing. Dave has not only delivered command performances for Mrs. Sinatra, he has also entertained Jeanne Martin (Dean's widow) and Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton.

A proven winner!
A wide variety of band, size and financial options available! 
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Tribute Masters Entertainment


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