October 2013
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We hope this note finds you continuing to do well and living your valued life. The article below by Linda Velding, our occupational therapist assistant, will help you continue pursuing your values.


Smart Phone and Tablet Ergonomics   


Smart Phones and Tablets should not be used for extended computer work- use a desktop or laptop computer that is set up using proper ergonomic principles.


Phone use:

  • Use a hands free device to eliminate awkward, static postures- especially during long phone calls.
  • Limit frequency and duration of calls, texting and emailing.
  • Maintain a neutral neck, shoulders and wrist posture and alternate hands when holding devices. Preferably, place device on a slanted work surface or holder.
  • Reduce keystrokes: More keystrokes cause more strain on your hands and thumbs. Keep your messages brief or use text shortcuts, word prediction, auto complete, speech-recognition or swiping.
  • When selecting a device, pick one that has a full keyboard to reduce repetition by tapping a key 2 to 3 times.
  • Rest thumbs by using alternative fingers.




  • For extensive text entry, use a separate keyboard and prop the tablet on a stand to improve neck, shoulder, and wrist postures.
  • Limit duration of tablet use - take frequent micro breaks.
  • Focus on neck posture - avoid excessive looking down when reading, emailing or texting. (Prop on backpacks, pillows, etc. to bring the screen closer.)
  • Alternate hands when using buttons/touch screens.
  • Consider selecting a case with hand straps.


For both phones and tablets, search "text shortcuts" on your web browser or app store.



Avoid distracted electronic device use when walking, driving, or biking.



For tips on cell phone and tablet ergonomics please visit:

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