September 2013
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We hope this note finds you continuing to do well and living your valued life. The article below by Linda Velding, our occupational therapist assistant, will help you continue pursuing your values.


Laptop Ergonomics   



As technology continues to improve it allows us to take our computers everywhere we go. People are moving from desktop work stations to using laptops because of their portability. Unfortunately, we are not able to set up our workstations the same as a fixed desktop station. This affects postures, keyboard spacing, screen size, and positioning.


When using your laptop as you would a desktop computer, there are steps you can take to improve your ergonomics.


  • Keyboard spacing - Utilizing a wireless keyboard and mouse will improve your arm, hand, and wrist positioning.
  • Monitor size - Because monitor size on laptop is usually smaller, this can cause increased eye strain. Preventing eye strain is important:
    • Blink often to keep eyes moist
    • Adjust gaze every 15 min by focusing on object at least 20 ft away
    • Move eyes to four corners of a large imaginary square
    • Use task lighting
    • Keep lighting above and behind you
    • Use anti glare screen
    • Consider separate prescription eye wear
    • Use black type against a white background and format type size at least 12 point
  • Monitor Placement - On a laptop the monitor is fixed in relation to the keyboard. This placement can cause neck, back, and hand and wrist strain. When able, place laptop on a desk or table using a laptop lifter or cooling station (a tilted station is preferred).
  • There are several types of tilted laptop workstations that are portable when using your devices away from home/work.
  • Posture - Try to sit up with low back well supported, arms at or slightly below 90, neck in a neutral posture and shoulders relaxed.



Attempt to set up a laptop as you would a regular desktop work station. For more information on laptop ergonomics, please visit:






































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