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As we head into August, we'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who joined us at our July workshop, Brain Candy for Biz! In addition, more than 400 Houstonians came out for a night of art, charity and live entertainment at the  Bayou City Art Festivals first-ever indoor exhibition. Thank you.

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Culturemap Shares Details on the  
Ashley Dunn Collection Launch


With the increasing rise of eating disorders among children and women, fashion stylist Ashley Dunn aims to inspire others by telling her story of
triumph and launching a collection that's inclusive and relatable.

Tickets on sale now. Click here for more details.
Bayou City Art Festival Indoor Exhibition:  
Local Media Tour

This month we've had the pleasure of welcoming new client Art Colony
Association, producers of the Bayou City Art Festivals here in Houston.
The festival is ranked one of the top 10 in the country and we're pretty
thrilled about the opportunity to contribute to the goals of this esteemed arts organization.

Not to brag (but totally bragging), we're pleased to share that in just two
weeks, our PR efforts reached 169,788 people in the City of Houston with
a total publicity value of $11,833 (data provided by  Aircheck News).

Click here to see media segments including KHOU 11 and ABC 13.

READ3Zero Commercial Launch! 

Texas Author Melissa Williams Publishes Read3Zero Children Authors
Texas Author Melissa Williams Publishes Read3Zero Children Authors


The READ3Zero Literacy Non-Profit Organization encourages kids to read, write and use their imagination. Each year READ3Zero publishes fifty
students in the 3rd-12th grade in a professional anthology entitled: I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids. The children are able to enter short stories, poetry and cover art into the contest.

Sharing is caring! Click here to watch and share about the awesome work
of these inspiring students.



New Post on the Blog:
The Essentials of Healthy Relationships and Client Service


In any business there is a lot of competition to keep the attention of clients. Providing excellent work in your craft just isn't going to cut it. Social and networking skills are a must and you have to have a stern discernment in business. Your clients are your best referral. So, you want to be sure whatever is getting around about you is positive. These 10 simple tips will keep both your business and your client happy.

  • Stay Open. Your client either comes to you after a bad experience with a previous company or their looking to try something new. Evaluate your tasks and make sure you make enough time for them. It is reassuring to the client when they know you are available.
  • Never exaggerate your promises. You never want to get caught in a situation where you promise so much and do not deliver it all. You will lose majority of the trust you worked so hard to earn from your client.
  • Give free consultations. When your client calls to ask you for advice or a suggestion and the conversation happens to carry over longer than you expected, you don't have to be such a businessman and bill them for it. Take the satisfaction that they called you for advice and be glad that you could help. With a light-hearted attitude as such your client won't feel reluctant to call you for help.

See the entire list on the Brain Candy Blog!  




Restore Houston's Second Ward Mural


You can help restore the Ventanas de Oportunidad!  Artist Mercedes Fernandez, the motivation behind Ventanas de Oportunidad on the Ninfa's building on Delano St., will be restoring the mural with six of the original student artists who worked on the mural in 2003, if fundraising efforts are successful. To contribute to the campaign and keep this inspirational mural in the community:

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