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As the year nears an end, we'd like to take a moment to thank you..yeah YOU. Our newsletter subscribers, clients, friends and supporters through the years. It's been an exciting journey and we're guilty of neglecting our milestones. Can you relate?

This year we celebrated four years, moved into a new Heights office and added new staff. We have much to be grateful for and have you to thank. There's no doubting the root of our success.
Read on for a few highlights at Medley Inc...and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



KPRC Channel 2's Ruben Galvan Gets fit with
Hypoxi Houston 






This Month, the high-energy Morning Show Reporter at KPRC Channel 2,Ruben Galvan joined Hypoxi Houston for two segments on the latest trend in fitness....Hypoxi Training, of course!   


Hypoxi Training is a part of the latest movement in natural solutions for a more fit, more healthier lifestyle. The trainers help you focus on cellulite reduction and body shaping. Perfect for women who want to keep the curves and kick the problem areas! 


Click here to see what all the buzz is about.  





Ibrahim Firat of Firat Education takes to Twitter to Demand Quality Service for Students 



"Thanks to the age of social media, we no longer have to stand by, waiting for a returned call or e-mail. We have more tools than ever before at our disposal and it's time we utilized them to ensure our students stay on the right path to success and are consistently informed," Ibrahim Firat, Firat Education. Click here to check out the entire story on News92FM.com. 

Five Pretty Powerful Women Share their Journey with
Houston Style Magazine




"If you look at the list of women Monique has brought together they all have a specific strength. Finance, real estate, charity, employment but what ties them all together is their willingness to help people less fortunate then themselves. They all want to be winners in life." - Demez White in Houston Style Magazine. Click here to read about these five women on the rise.


Clean social media profiles key for successful career 
What happens on social media often does not stay there, and as we have seen over the last few weeks, social media posts can lead to big trouble. So how do you clean up a profile so it won't cost you a job? 

Project Row Houses: 20 Years of Changing Lives through Art, Service and Education


Since it's inception, Project Row House's (PRH) campus has grown from the original block and a half to six blocks, and from 22 houses to 40 properties; including twelve artist exhibition and/or residency spaces, seven houses for young mothers, artist residencies, office spaces, a community gallery, a park, low-income residential and commercial spaces.


In 2003, PRH established the Row House Community Development Corporation (RHCDC) as a separate, affiliated corporation. Designed to broaden PRH's focus to preserve community, RHCDC addresses housing and related community and economic development needs by providing low-income rental housing. RHCDC has designed and built nine low-income housing units and is in the process of building and acquiring additional property for rental and home ownership.

 Click here to learn more about Project Row Houses, its programs, events, and how you can get involved.

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