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Autumn is here! Kids and collegians have headed back into classrooms, football season has arrived with a bang and the weather will soon be gorgeous. Anyone else falling for fall?

Here at Medley, we're excited as our clients gear up for another season of fresh campaigns, product launches and closing out the year without a bang!
Read on to see what's in store at Medley Inc....

Student Writers, Published by Author Melissa Williams, take Literacy Mission Abroad


Children's Author and Founder of Read3Zero Literacy Foundation, Melissa Williams, was on FOX to share the story of three inspiring young authors, Elaine Tee, Jan Tee and Elian Tee, each published in her annual anthology, iWrite: Short Stories by Kids for Kids. The trio of teens and tweens headed to the Philippines on an International Literacy Mission, sharing books and supplies sponsored by the foundation. Click here to check out the story. 
Natural Hair Expert, Tamika Fletcher, Talks a Variety of Styles on
Great Day Houston





Tamika Fletcher, co-owner of

Natural Resources Salon, shared a variety of any-weather-friendly styles on Great Day Houston! Whether it's a fun bun, a faux bang or incredibly versatile braids, achieving the perfect style is easier than you think. Watch the how-to's for each style here.




Exploring the Tendrils and Curls Journey



A unique story indeed, Tendrils and Curls owner, Dr. Paula Chrishon, shared how her brain child, Houston's only beauty boutique for curly hair of any and all types and lengths, was born. In just one year, the brand has grown to serve clients worldwide. Click here to read about her journey, as featured on one of the top Curly Girl blogs.

Medley President Ashley Small on Fox 26

Keeping a Healthy Social Media Reputation
Wouldn't it be a nightmare to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because of your social media pics?  
Click here for easy tips on keeping your social media reputation up-to-par.
After all; you are what you post!

Apps to Help you Stay Focused 
If you have about a million tabs open right now or are easily sidetracked by social media, turn to these four apps for distraction-free working on your desktop: Watch here. 

Houston Arts Alliance: Using Art to Improve Quality of Life

Did you know that Houston is home to more than 500 arts and culture organizations, houses nearly 40,000 individual artists and brings in more than $9 billion from art-related business alone? Needless to say, creativity means a lot for the Houston community. In fact, it's what's helped the Bayou City to be ranked as one of the top 10 travel destinations in 2013 by the New York Times and to be dubbed as the nation's "Coolest City" by Forbes.

The Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) plays a great role in helping Houston remain one of the must-see cities for travelers. In fact, its mission is to improve the quality of life and tourism here in the Bayou City. (Given the city's high popularity, it's safe to say the HAA is doing a mighty fine job, right?)

The HAA also provides more than $3 million in grants to help sustain the community's creative and cultural programs and initiatives. 
Click here to learn more about the HAA, its programs, events, and how you can get involved.

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