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June 26, 2013 

taking the path of least resistance....

path of least resistance

Church is much like any other organization. When there is no compelling vision driving what is happening, when there is no willingness to do the hard work and sacrifice for something bigger than ourselves, we take the path of least resistance...which usually is downhill. In church life there is no such thing as "holding even." Human as we are, we begin to make choices that are no longer helpful, biblical, or upbuilding. And both we and the Church suffer for it.
How do you know when this is the case? It is when you begin to hear people say things like this:
  • "So and so offended me, but I don't think I can talk to them. So...(at this point the griping begins or gossip is spread)
  • "I didn't get my way, so I'm thinking about leaving the church."
  • "The preacher just doesn't keep me engaged like he/she used to."
  • "It's just easier to do it myself because I already know how to do it."  
  • "I don't know why we spend that much money on better coffee and refreshments just to make visitors happy."
  • "The church is big enough they won't notice if we're gone."
  • "If I don't show up, someone will take care of my job."
These are all symptoms of people taking the path of least resistance. The only thing that overcomes this dynamic is a compelling vision. But, as Bill Hybels of Willow Creek has said, "Vision leaks." Your church has to have a mission that is a "must." And it must be stated regularly and re-visited  so that people continue to own it. Listen to the conversations at your church. What are they telling you?
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