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February 20, 2013 

trustworthiness in a world of distrust                


The Ford Motor Company did some research revealing the anticipated top five trends of 2013. One of the five was institutional distrust. In other words, people distrust established institutions. Church is one of those institutions. For the last half century, confidence in the institution of church has gradually decreased. People no longer arrive at our doorstep with a built in trust of what we do.  That may sound depressing. And in many ways, it is. But hope is not lost.


Trust is not built by claiming trustworthiness. It is built by small behaviors that add up together to create something larger. Here are some examples of small changes that can have massive results:

  1. TrustStart services or programs at the publicized time.
  2. Make sure there is a reason for a meeting or don't meet.
  3. Be honest about volunteer time commitment and responsibilities. Don't under sell the task or ministry.
  4. If you ask people for their willingness to serve, follow through and use the volunteers.
  5. Help people find their gifts and places to serve rather than plugging people into slots just to fill them.
  6. Follow through on plans that are made (projects, programs, events).
  7. Be transparent about the finances of the church.
  8. Make sure money is spent on what it is given for.
  9. Clearly state job descriptions.
  10. Give authority and accountability when giving responsibility to someone.
  11. Be clear about your mission and vision and state them often.
  12. Make sure your ministries align with your mission.
Let's work together to rebuild trust in our churches. Step by step we can make a difference.
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