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January 9, 2013 

It's good to be back! Looking forward to learning in 2013 with you!        
if these floors could talk...        worn carpet

We recently had our carpets cleaned after a fresh review of their condition. It occurred to me that floors tell a story if we notice. 


Does your flooring tell you from being worn or threadbare that you have become a veteran and don't notice anymore? Familiarity can breed blindness. It is very obvious to new people but something that we get used to over time.


Where is the most wear? This will tell you the highest traffic areas and the ones in need of the most constant care. One way of looking at it is that these areas of high traffic can be considered "main street." They are where the members and guests spend the most time. They should be cleaned the quickest and most often and this gives guidance to those in charge of cleaning. Areas where staff work can be put in a lower priority. 


Are the floors in the nursery and bathrooms clean? Nothing turns off first time guests (or even veterans) like paper towels that missed the basket or floors that have dead bugs in a bathroom. New parents are horrified if they go into a nursery and see crumbs and trash on the floor where their toddler is likely to be crawling around.


What do your floors tell you about your self esteem as a church? Psychologists tell us that the environment we live in often expresses our self image. If things are cluttered, dirty, unkempt or unvacuumed...or if things are cleaned for company, it says much about how we view ourselves.


What are your floors telling you?

It's a new year...time for a fresh look.

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