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October 17, 2012 

Leadership: it's a tricky business      
How to be a servant to take charge in staff to avoid to say what you need to get what you want...


There are so many "how to" suggestions out there that it can be overwhelming. Often times the suggestions we get are contradictory: be tough--be a servant, work your strengths--strengthen your weaknesses. It can get a little confusing.


Through our ministry, we have found a few steady principles that have helped us lead the church. One of the big ones: don't give someone responsibility unless you also give authority and accountability. The three go hand in hand. What does it mean? Here's an example:  an endowment comes to the church to support a new memorial garden. A team is put together with the responsibility of designing the garden. 
Responsibility with no authority or accountability: The team is directed to build a garden, but can make no decisions on their own. They must report all of their findings to a "higher power" (ie. board), who will make decisions. The job remains undone.
Authority without accountability or responsibility: The team is appointed  with no job description...or no criteria with which to make any decisions, and maybe no reason to exist. the job remains uncompleted.
Accountability without responsibility or authority:  The team is asked to put a garden together and required to report back to the higher power, but given no means by which to take action...and then blamed for no progress. The job remains uncompleted.
Responsibility WITH accountability and authority: The team is put together with the directives of what needs to get done, a budget to direct them and a time frame established and expressed expectations and "check in points" with the higher power. The job is completed.
This is a simple example, but the principle remains. Find out the other principles we identified is crucial in leadership in this month's Lunch and Learn.
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10 Principles of Leadership 

Leading can be a tricky business. This month we'll share with you 10 principles we've found have withstood test and time. It's not an exhaustive list, but it sure does help.

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