June 16, 2015


Watch for Trivia Teasers-- Starting Next Week!

Study Group Spotlight: Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

Chill with Us at Winter Curriculum Committee

Barbies, Soup Cans, and T-Shirts, Oh My!

PAWAC Presents: Diversity in the Islamic World

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Watch for Trivia Teasers-- Starting Next Week!
In anticipation of OLLI's Trivia Night Fundraiser on Friday, August 28, we will begin weekly Trivia Teasers via this email newsletter leading up to the event!

Starting next week, Tuesday, June 23, check your email newsletter for a Trivia Teaser sample question from one of the Trivia Categories below:

- Movies and Music
- Bradley University and OLLI
- Community Awareness, Local Happenings, News, and Current Events
- History and Political Science
- Literature
- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
- Topical Interest and Popular Culture
- Religion and Philosophy  

For your chance to win a fabulous prize, email your Trivia Teaser answer to Elly at before 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 25. 

All correct answers will be collected in a pool from which the winner will be randomly selected.  Winners will be notified each week via email and announced in the following week's teaser.

Get ready to play!  Along with the question, the prize will be listed in next week's newsletter.

If you have any questions, you may contact Elly at 309-677-3900 or

To register for the Trivia Night Fundraiser on Friday, August 28, please click here.


Study Group in the Spotlight: Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald: Trouble in Paradise
Wednesdays, July 15 - August 12
10:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Peoria NEXT Innovation Center

In the 1920s, America's most celebrated power couple may have been Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.  This duo epitomized everything that was both beautiful and damned about the Jazz Age.  Behind their charm and brilliance was a complex and competitive relationship in which two people alternately adored and tortured each other.

We'll examine their personalities, their marriage, their careers, and their demise and then discuss examples of their writing.  We'll also view film clips from documentaries about the Fitzgeralds.  Participants will be expected to read Kendall Taylor's book Sometimes Madness is Wisdom: Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald's second novel, The Beautiful and the Damned as well as short stories online or in handouts provided by the facilitators.  The books are available new or used in paperback or in electronic formats or through local libraries.  

$45 - facilitated by Willa Anderson and Carol May, who are both OLLI Study Group facilitators and members of the OLLI Study Group and Cinema Committees

Chill with Us at Winter Curriculum Committee
Even though it's summer outside, the OLLI Winter Curriculum Committee has January on its mind!

Come and join your OLLI friends on the Winter Curriculum Committee as we plan Winter 2016 Classes.  Over four consecutive days in the beginning of January, Winter Classes offer a unique experience for OLLI members to really delve into class topics and create stronger bonds with classmates.

While we plan, we will munch on snacks and sip coffee, and enjoy open parking on Bradley's campus.

Wednesday, June 17
9:00 - 11:00 am 
Michel Student Center, Executive Suite

We hope to see you there!

Barbie Mission: Accomplished!
Continuing Education's summer camp for gifted students, World of Wonder, has been gathering supplies for teachers to use in hands-on learning activities.

While we found the great box of Barbies above at a decent price at a garage sale, we are still seeking the following items for the rest of this week:

- empty, clean soup cans
- white t-shirts, white rags, or gauze (for a mummy project)

On behalf of World of Wonder, thank you to those who have already generously donated items!  Your help is greatly appreciated.

PAWAC Presents: Diversity in the Islamic World
Diversity in the Islamic World: Sunnis, Shi'is, Salafis, and Secularists
Thursday, June 18
5:30 p.m. dinner, followed by the presentation at 7:00 p.m.
Michel Student Center, Bradley University

The Institute of International Studies and the Peoria Area World Affairs Council present "Diversity in the Islamic World: Sunnis, Shi'is, Salafis, and Secularists."  

Dr. Jason Zaborowski, from the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Bradley University, will take you behind the headlines that sensationalize the violent conflicts of the Middle East by providing an academic overview of Islamic denominations.  The talk and discussion invites the audience to consider historical and linguistic foundations for understanding the variety of voices in the Islamic world.

Dinner and Presentation: $35.00 for general public; $30.00 for PAWAC members
Presentation Only: $15.00 for general public; $10.00 for PAWAC members

Dinner reservations will not be accepted after June 13.  

Tickets and information are available through PAWAC at 309-677-2454 or

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