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February 2013

        "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" 
(John 3:16) 
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What Matters Most To You This Valentine's Day?
Interview With Wholyfit Exercise Creator Laura Monica
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What's Better Than A Gift of Valentine's Day Chocolate?
Valentine's Day SALE!!!
What Matters Most To You This Valentine's Day?
Can you imagine if the John 3:16 said, "For God was so preoccupied  with thinking about Chocolate-covered hearts that He FORGOT to give his one and only Son..."? What would our lives be like without Jesus? It makes me shudder to think about it.


I wish I could stay on track all the time when it comes to food and eating, but, unfortunately, even after all these years, I occasionally still mess up and overeat--even though I wrote a diet book! It's a never-ending case of "having to right my thinking" over and over again when I'm distracted by the things of this world (like TV commercials for Valentine's Day chocolate). 


To determine where your heart lies this Valentine's Day, survey your thought life. How much time do you spend thinking about God's Word, versus the time you spend thinking about food and eating? 


This Valentine's Day, break out of the world inside your head, force your mind to think godly thoughts, and do things for other people to show them agape love. Real love is poured outward toward other people, just as God poured love onto us when he gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to be our savior.


XO, XO, XO, 

 Dr. Rita Hancock


~Dr. Rita


Interview With International WholyFit  
Exercise Ministry Creator
Laura Monica


Please join me in welcoming our special guest, Laura Monica. Laura is a Health & Fitness Specialist, is certified with the American College of Sports Medicine, and has over 30 years of experience as a worship leader and fitness professional. About 10 years ago, Laura started Wholyfit, an international, Christian-based exercise ministry that combines faith and physical fitness. Laura trains and certifies instructors to begin WholyFit exercise programs all over the world. She lives with her husband and two of her four adult children in their permanent home in California. Read more at 




Dr. Rita:

Laura, you're a Christian fitness pioneer who implements fitness ministry programs in churches worldwide. In all your years of doing this, what has been your biggest personal struggle?And how did you gain victory over this problem area? 


Laura: As you know Dr. Rita, Christian leaders are vulnerable to emotional upsets just like anyone else. In my case, Satan got me to feel "alone" and "isolated" for a time, mostly because my Wholyfit ministry is run online and the leaders and instructors are scattered all over the world. It's hard for us to pray together, to feel connected, to communicate God's direction, and to stay inspired with the vision of WholyFit when we rarely see each other. 


These feelings came to a head when my husband got a job in a different city, causing us to leave our friends and family behind and even force us to find a new church. During the worst of it, I thought, "I'm completely alone. No one hears me. I've been abandoned." I even questioned my calling to lead the Wholyfit ministry! As far as how God helped me overcome this problem, it was because I stayed in community of like-minded believers in the local church, where I got support and wise counsel from other believers.   



Dr. Rita:

Please tell us how God used this experience for your personal good. 


Laura: Now I can identify with other people who feel alone. I am learning to use the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God to combat the lies of the Devil. God is with me so I am never alone. God will help me achieve the visions and dreams He has given me. God has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." I am learning to train my mind to replace the Accuser's thoughts with the thoughts of the Mind of Christ. "Those whom God calls He also equips." "Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord." I share this struggle through a song I wrote to the WholyFit routine called "Hagar's Song" with the words, "You are the God who sees me." (http://www.wholyfit.com/portfolio/etb-11-hagars-song-wholyfit-adore). The bottom line is that I have learned to be desperately dependent on the Lord and that's right where I should be. The Holy Spirit is my only strength and the dreams of my heart will be accomplished through Him as I abide in Him. It's not what I do for God that counts anyway; it's the relationship that I have with Him that is number one.  


Dr. Rita:

What message do you want to give readers this Valentines Day? 



If you feel alone, you aren't, actually. God is always with you. If you feel like your dreams will never be a reality, remember that God is the One who fulfills all our dreams by giving you Himself. The secret to satisfying our human need for love is to receive Divine love, by receiving Jesus... and one more thing: to also give divine love. The best place to connect with the God of love is in your local church. Get involved with people who love God and can help you understand His love letter, the Bible. Revelations refers to the Global Church as the "Bride of Christ." (http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/bible-verses-about-the-bride-of-christ/). We are all getting prepared for the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb." Don't miss out! I know how hard it is to attend a new church in a new city or for the first time. Be patient in building relationships and don't just go to church on Sunday morning, go to bible studies and mid-week activities as well. Volunteer to make coffee or vacuum. Go to church NOT to receive from people, but to give to people. Once you've really received God's love it's easy to give it and that's real fulfillment!  



Dr. Rita:

How can WholyFit help? 



WholyFit classes are a way to receive God's love and to give it. It's a fun, non-intimidating way to study the Bible, and learn the truth of God's love for you. Exercise classes are a natural, comfortable, entry-level way to make friends too. If you are already a plugged in member of the church, look for people in the background who might need you to take the initiative to get to know them and invite them to a WholyFit class with you. Support your WholyFit class at church, get the word out, attend often, find a local instructor and help him/her get certified or administrate the class.  You might choose to become a WholyFit instructor yourself. Anyone can teach WholyFit! Certification will completely equip you to be able to teach healing exercise and train others to manage stress with God's Word. WholyFit church classes help people connect with the source of all love: Jesus, who never disappoints and is always faithful. 


Dr. Rita:

Can you please tell readers how to find out more about WholyFit? (include links) 


For information about getting certified online from the comfort of your home see http://www.wholyfit.com/certification/silver-certification


Experience WholyFit at Retreat March 21-24 in Ventura, CA.



Practice WholyFit at home using DVDs www.wholyfit.com/store


To start up WholyFit at your church call Pam at 1 832 381 5408 or email her at wholyfit [at] live.com


Sign up for WholyFit TV: free ten-minute fitness e-videos and tips from Laura.


New series 2013: Health Fitness Challenge with Laura and Dr. Rita!



Dr. Rita: Thanks so much, Laura, for you transparency and for sharing your message of God's love and hope to our readers on Valentines Day. I pray that God continues to bless you as you bless others through Wholyfit. 



Amen, Dr. Rita! I pray the same for you and all your readers.  


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