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Book Description
If you suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, neck or back pain, or if you have irritable bowel syndrome, jaw pain, large numbers of food and drug allergies, unexplained rashes, or even mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or unwanted behaviors such as overeating, an eating disorder, overspending, drug abuse or alcoholismRadical Well-being may be the right book for you. This is especially true if you desire an overtly Christian or biblical approach to solving your problem.  
With nearly fifteen years experience counseling patients from a balanced, mind/body/Holy Spirit perspective, Dr. Rita gives you practical nuts-and-bolts advice, including:


  • How to identify the lies that are manipulating you from a subconscious level, e.g. "I'm worthless," "It's my fault," "I'm stupid," "I'm bad," "I'm ugly," "I'm dirty," "I'm damaged goods," etc. 
  • How to fully receive biblical truth to replace those lies
  • How to heal the emotional factors that can make your pain and unwanted behaviors seem worse
  • How to overcome addictive behaviors like overeating, taking drugs or alcohol, over-shopping, etc. 
  • How to overcome depression, anxiety, and anger issues that threaten your relationships
  • How to fully accept God's love and forgiveness on a deep, healing level
If you read Dr. Rita's book and follow her step-by-step advice, you end up feeling the way one of her patients put it: "Like the weight of a skyscraper has been lifted off my shoulders."


Seven Truths That Beat Holiday Stress 
  • (and Holiday Stress-Eating!)
 Dr. Rita Hancock


Holiday stress is a much a matter of your beliefs, perceptions, and your mind-set as it is about your jam-packed "to-do" list. That's why I offer you these seven stress-busting TRUTHS to help your holiday emotions straight. The calmer your emotions are, the less likely you'll be to stress-eat!:


1. Holiday perfectionism is an assault from the enemy. You know which enemy I'm talking about: Satan. He wants you to lay unrealistic and unhealthy expectations not only on others but also on yourself. He wants you to believe your house has to be perfectly clean and beautifully decorated, the Christmas meal has to be perfectly amazing, and the Christmas gifts have to be exactly just right, or something very, very bad will happen. Come on! What happened to extending grace to each other?


2. You are already good enough. Don't believe what the women's magazine headlines say. You don't have to [bake a bazillion Christmas cookies, buy the perfect Christmas gifts, give only home-made gifts, attend every party you're invited to, host a party, etc.] to be a good enough [parent, child, spouse, friend, employee, employer, teacher, student, etc.]. It's like they take the "works" mentality from the rest of the year and magnify it a thousand-fold during the Christmas season! Hear me now: you are more than good enough as you are.


3. You're just as important as the people you're trying to please. It's nice to put others first and try to please them, but if you take this mentality to an extreme, you could get sick. Remember John 3:16: God loved YOU so much that He gave his Son for YOU, too-not just for other people. If you don't take care of yourself, stop and consider why you don't. Many people believe lies about themselves, like they're bad, worthless, or not good enough. Those thoughts aren't from God!


4. Jesus is Lord, therefore you have nothing to fear . Subconsciously, many of us fear being rejected if we don't "perform" this time of year and live up to other people's [sometimes unfair] expectations. Guess what. The world didn't end the year I stopped sending out Christmas cards and baking Christmas cookies. Life went on. My friends are still my friends and my family is still my family. They just have fewer cavities.


5. Other people's happiness is not your responsibility. There's a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is momentary and lasts for about three hours after you open that "perfect" present. However, deep-down joy is something you can't give or receive as a Christmas gift-unless you're talking about God's gift to the world: Jesus Christ. The best thing you can do for your unsaved family and friends is to show them how stress-free and joyous you are and make them want what you have.


6. You don't have to attend every holiday event or party. In reality, you might have to attend your office party to keep your job, but you shouldn't have to go to the neighborhood Christmas party to keep your friends. There's no harm in saying, "I'm sorry but I can't make it to your party. You know how busy things are this time of year." Even if others are disappointed, they'll get over it.


7. You can make time by "trimming the fat" in your holiday activities. What do I mean by "trim the fat"? Shop smarter. Shop online! Cook less! Bake less! Give your neighbors candles as gifts, instead of cookies that you broke your back to bake. Or give them nothing at all and blame me (I'm okay with that). Boycott sending out Christmas cards. Just post a picture on Facebook and tell everyone "Merry Christmas at once." Give gift cards as gifts rather than spend time in line at the stores.

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