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April 2016
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Message from Chris

 The Virginia General Assembly gathered Wednesday, April 20th for the Reconvene a.k.a. "veto" session for the purpose of considering the many amendments and vetoes by Governor Terry McAuliffe.
Governor McAuliffe signed over 700 bills this year, but he vetoed 32 bills and amended 57 more. He made 30 amendments to our conservative and responsible budget passed by the General Assembly.
Many of my colleagues and I in the House were disappointed by the highly political nature of the Governor's vetoes. Instead, the Governor should be promoting to Virginians more about our bipartisan successes. The Governor vetoed legislation to help keep our kids safer in schools, empower parental decision making in education, and protect jobs in Southwest Virginia related to the energy industry.

The Governor vetoed six bills that passed the House with veto-proof majorities thanks to the support of Democrats. But in Richmond last week, many Democrats flipped their votes to support Governor McAuliffe's vetoes.
The House was able to override the Governor's vetoes on two bills, but Senate Democrats voted to protect the Governor's vetoes. The House voted to override a veto of legislation that would protect historical war monuments and memorials from being altered or destroyed at a later date; I was a co-patron of this legislation. The House also voted to override the Governor's veto of the coal tax credit.
Governor McAuliffe also made several major amendments to the General Assembly's two-year budget. The House rejected the Governor's effort to expand Medicaid and continue to oppose taxpayer funded abortion through the budget.
With the reconvened session behind us, the General Assembly has completed its work for 2016. God willing, we will return to Richmond in January 2017 for the next legislative session.
I am proud of our accomplishments on behalf of all Virginians. We passed a conservative and responsible state budget and kept taxes low. The General Assembly passed a major, bipartisan agreement to secure the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens and worked across party lines to address major congestion on our most congested roadways.
We continue to pass legislation to strengthen our economy, give more children the opportunity to succeed no matter their zip code, and fought to advance conservative values.
I will be back in my constituent office for the remainder of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 804-730-3737 or via e-mail at
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