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We are always willing to assist you in planning a group visit to the Capitol.  Please contact my office and we can make any needed arrangements for you. 
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Message from Chris

Update on Veterans' Legislation

There are 67 Bills and 14 Budget Amendments that have been filed to support veterans during the 2016 Session of the General Assembly.  Click here to see a complete list of all the veterans legislation, status current as of February 3rd. You may also check the updated status of any of the bills by clicking here.

King William elected officials, Matthew Kite and Sheriff Walton, along with West Point Police Chief Bobby Mawyer
Twenty of the bills and seven of the fourteen budget amendments support the Joint Leadership Council (JLC) Legislative Objectives (LO). I am pleased to report that Del. Kirk Cox's Care Center Bill (HB477), of which I am a co-patron, passed the House 99-0. This indicates strong support for JLC LO #1. Listed below is the status of bills supporting JLC Legislative Objectives as of Feb.3rd. 

The House is focused on helping our veterans find the jobs they need and are trained to do.  I signed on as a co-patron of HB 825, introduced by Delegate Chris Stolle (R-Virginia Beach). 

HB825 establishes a pilot program in which military medical personnel may practice medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician.  Military medics and corpsmen receive extensive health care training while on active duty. 

Great to see Bob Mills of Hanover
Once they transition to civilian life, their military health care experiences do not easily translate into comparable certifications and licenses required for health care jobs.  As a result, many veteran medics are unable to gain employment. 
Virginia has already made progress on efforts to translate veterans' military experience into academic credit. However, significant hurdles still exist with health care licenses.  

This legislation will create a pilot program to help military medics smoothly transition to a medical career in the private sector without having to go through training they have already received in the military.  The House passed the bill this week.
House of Delegates passes 'Right to Work' Constitutional Amendment
The Virginia House of Delegates passed legislation Tuesday to enshrine Virginia's Right to Work law in the Constitution. The constitutional amendment, carried by Delegate Dickie Bell (R-Staunton), co-patroned by Chris Peace (R-Hanover), prohibits union membership as a condition of employment. Virginia already has a right to work statute, but including right to work in the Constitution solidifies this important pro-business policy. The amendment, if approved by the Senate, will go to the voters for final approval.
Capitol Region Caucus talks job creation and GO Virginia
"Virginia's right to work law makes it clear that the Commonwealth is a welcoming and pro-business state. Enshrining our right to work law in the Constitution strengthens Virginia's commitment to this policy," said Delegate Bell. "This amendment will also further protect hard working Virginians from forced unionization. Across the country, major manufacturing and traditionally-blue states are adopting right to work laws, a sign that this issue bridges partisan divides. Virginia has long taken pride in its status as a right to work state and it's time we enshrine this law in our Constitution."
"Earlier today, I stood with many of my House colleagues to outline our agenda to strengthen the economy. Enshrining Virginia's right to work law in the Constitution is an important part of that agenda," said Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford). "Major manufacturing companies and job creators are looking for the labor certainty that this constitutional amendment will provide. Solidifying our right to work law in the Constitution will be a clear signal that Virginia is open for business. I want to thank Delegate Bell for his consistent and vocal leadership on this very important issue."
Community College Workforce Alliance
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I will be ending my 2016 survey in the coming days, so if you have not yet, please complete my legislative survey to share your priorities for this session.  Working together, we have accomplished many things for our community and our Commonwealth.  


Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this questionnaire as constituent input is very important to me. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.


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Peace in the Press

Daily Press (Paywall for certain articles)

One of the most complex and heavily lobbied battles of this legislative session is coming to a crossroads as hospitals, insurers and free-market aficionados play tug of war in an obscure corner of Virginia's health regulations. Free-marketers and many doctors are pushing to end the state's Certificate of Public Need system, which gives regulators the power to block hospital expansions, as well as the free-standing surgery and imaging centers that have become profit centers for some health companies.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 20 articles a month)

Bills that would allow ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers and other medical facilities to be built without having to first get state permission were approved by a House committee Thursday. The bills to reform or repeal parts of the decades-old state certificate of public need program are opposed by the powerful hospital lobby, but backed by equally influential groups representing doctors and health insurance plans.

By ALEX ROHR, News & Advance

A trio of bills to reform the system requiring state approval for certain medical services will advance to the House of Delegates floor. While legislators supporting the certificate of public need system said opening the market to competition will improve patient choice and lower prices, opponents said it would harm hospitals ability to provide services for the poor.

Delegate Chris Peace discussing his new Air BnB bill!
Delegate Chris Peace discussing his new Air BnB bill!

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Truly articulate and dynamic young folks from King William
I have had many visitors from home this week at the General Assembly. I was delighted to receive visits from Hanover residents Debbie Gwathmey, Kathryn Geen, Cathy and Lisa Wilson, Barbara George, Casey O'Berry, Kathy and Faith Hollins, Nicole Williams, Jean Swann, Mike Saunders, Billy and Peggy Cunningham, Rita Dowling, Laura Todd, Nicole Brown, Patrick Wells, and Jackie Condelli. 

Also visiting were Reid and Robin Eaton, Ann Burks, Candace and Lily Kuhn all of New Kent County drove in to the city to visit my office. 

Rita Dowling of Hanover
A number of King William County residents were also in, including Cassidy and Kristin Kite, Olivia Cross, Matthew Kite, Sheriff Jeff Walton, and Kaleb Jimmo. 

As always, I look forward to more smiling faces from home next week.  If you are planning a visit during session, stop by and visit.  I am in Room 820 of the General Assembly Building.

Great to meet with Hanover educators
Glad that the New Kent and Hanover Airport Directors were here
MRMC doctors, they take great care of 97th District residents

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