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August 2015 Edition
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We are always willing to assist you in planning a group visit to the Capitol.  Please contact my office and we can make any needed arrangements for you. 
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Message from Chris 

Del. Peace meets with constituents from the health care community
For decades culminating with ObamaCare, America's health care system has increasingly moved away from free market principles leading to compromised access to care and higher costs. So when the Hospital Corporation of America Virginia, also known as HCA-Virginia, announced its common sense proposal earlier this year to construct a freestanding emergency center in New Kent County, I wrote wholeheartedly in support of that private venture enhancing health care in my district. In addition to improving access to quality health care in New Kent, this Center will provide local good paying jobs and be a boost to the local economy in the wake of the closing of Colonial Downs. HCA's proposal was a refreshing and positive change to the landscape: a private, for-profit hospital system believed it was good business to invest non-taxpayer funds in a predominately rural county and as a result improve access to quality health care services. With a decade of legislative service to New Kent county residents and as a leading voice on our House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee there is no doubt in my mind that this wonderful county needs this valuable investment to improve quality of life, spark economic growth and job creation, and most importantly, save lives. But after an absurd recent bureaucratic health department recommendation to deny the project, I am concerned not just about this particular project's approval but for the future of healthcare in Virginia. Next Session, the General Assembly needs to examine and implement overdue, comprehensive reform of our system.
Many Virginians may be surprised to learn that healthcare providers that want to use certain equipment or offer advanced healthcare services such equipment as MRI or a CT machines are required to ask the state health department for permission to pursue such business decisions. As part of its New Kent ER, HCA would naturally like to offer MRI and CT imaging services. After all, these essential services are needed to properly treat patients, and without this equipment, patients may have to be transferred to another facility, costing valuable time and risking outcomes. The initial state review denied HCA's request, along with similar requests from the VCU Health System and Bon Secours Richmond Health System. Their perfunctory analysis relies on old data and audaciously suggests that residents can visit another free standing ER in Chesterfield or one in Goochland.
This barrier to entry does nothing to lower healthcare costs. Ask yourself whether the government should dictate to private industry when it is willing to invest its dollars in our communities? Shouldn't there be more of a free market process? In due course, legislators must wrestle with this larger philosophical question which concerns the appropriate role of government. I look forward to continuing the fight for this New Kent emergency center and continue to join with my colleagues to push for comprehensive COPN reform. The status quo is untenable and repeal without a blueprint for implementation is unwise.

Campaign Finance Deadline

With a crucial campaign finance deadline approaching on August 31, I am asking for you to join Team Peace in making sure we are able to continue to carry our conservative message forward to friends, neighbors, and our shared community.

Reelect CKP Your support will help ensure we keep our conservative Republican majority in the House, so we can stand against the liberal agenda and continue to make our District the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

I am frequently rated one of Virginia's most business-friendly conservatives. My voting record shows a consistent focus on opposing tax increases, protecting family values defending the Constitution, and promoting job creation and a high quality of life in Hanover, King William and New Kent counties.

2015 National Night Out

I had a wonderful time Tuesday night visiting the New Kent National Night Out event. "Peace Pops" were a hit again this year.


Thank you to Kim Turner, Director of New Kent Parks and Recreation for organizing the event and welcoming me to participate.


A big thank you to our law enforcement and emergency responders for all you do in service to our communities.



House Republicans to introduce oversight legislation in response to latest EPA Regulations from Obama administration
Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates will announce oversight legislation in response to the latest EPA regulations at a pro-energy rally in Richmond Monday night. Delegate Israel O'Quinn (R-Washington) will introduce legislation ahead of the 2016 session to require General Assembly approval and oversight of the Commonwealth's plan to comply with the E.P.A.'s "Clean Power Plan" regulations. The EPA released the final Clean Power Plan rule last week.
 "The 1,500-plus pages of regulations released by President Obama's E.P.A. could drive up energy prices and damage Virginia's already struggling economy," said House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford). "The House of Delegates will fight to protect the working families, seniors and small businesses that will be hurt by these burdensome regulations. The Commonwealth should delay the implementation of any compliance plan while the regulations are litigated and the General Assembly should have final approval and oversight of the plan."
electricity  "For Virginians, the impact of complying with President Obama's regulations will be severe. Energy prices will go up, disproportionately hurting senior citizens and the poor, and the rules will deal yet another blow to small businesses who are already struggling." said Delegate O'Quinn. "These people who will be affected by these regulations should have a say in how we comply with that plan through their elected representatives."
 "Our proposed legislation would require General Assembly approval and oversight before Virginia complies with the EPA's new regulations," O'Quinn continued. "Governor McAuliffe must send his plan to the legislature for review, and the House and Senate will then take a vote on behalf of the Virginians they represent. If the plan fails to pass, Governor McAuliffe tries again. He cannot implement the plan without approval of the General Assembly and, by extension, the citizens of Virginia. It is that simple."
The legislation will be formally introduced Monday night at the Americans for Prosperity Power-Up Virginia Rally at the University of Richmond. House Majority Leader Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights), Delegate Jimmie Massie (R-Henrico) and Delegate O'Quinn will all speak.
 "Virginians are frustrated. The economy is flat lining, families are struggling paycheck to paycheck and businesses are just trying to get by," said Leader Cox. "The Obama-Clinton-McAuliffe regulatory agenda is stifling growth. The higher energy prices from this plan will only make it worse. It is time for the people to have a say in these regulations and that is what our approval and oversight legislation would do."
 "Whether it is a main street retailer in Hampton Roads, small auto-repair shop in the Shenandoah Valley, major manufacturer here in Richmond or large data center in Northern Virginia, all businesses will be impacted by these costly and burdensome regulations," said Delegate Massie. "The higher energy prices caused by these regulations either cut in to the bottom line or they're passed on to customers. Either way, someone loses. Our approval and oversight legislation is a commonsense step to protect Virginia families and their jobs."

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