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Message from Chris

I, along with other Members of the House of Delegates, will reconvene at the Capitol on April 8th in anticipation of Senate action on a state budget exactly one month after the regular session of the 2014 General Assembly adjourned. Yes Virginia, there is still no budget. And 8 million Virginians continue to wait for the Governor and Senate leadership to allow the budget process to advance so that the state can fund its core obligations to our schools, roads, firefighters, law enforcement, and local governments. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I believe that the state budget is really our most important obligation in Richmond. These core functions of government lead to needed services and jobs our communities depend on daily.


House Bill 5002 (formerly House Bill 30) is well crafted, structurally balanced and takes a savings first approach. It makes significant deposits into the rainy day fund, sets aside a revenue reserve to hedge against an uncertain economy and looks to make key investments to stabilize our pension system and invest in our state employees. It also prioritizes our K-12 infrastructure and makes progress towards tuition mitigation in higher education. Along with shoring up our health care safety net including funds for free clinics and community health centers, the House budget also provides opportunities for job creation and economic development which will help all Virginians, namely at the Port of Virginia. Unfortunately, all of this and more is in jeopardy because some are seeking to bring Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in Virginia.


Obviously, there is a lot at stake and your help is coveted. First, sign our petition at Write a letter to your local paper. Tell them why it is the wrong time to expand a broken system before needed reforms and an independent audit can take place. Medicaid has already grown 1600% over the last 30 years and it is the fastest growing part of our budget consuming 21% of our general fund spending or 40% of all new tax revenue in the Commonwealth. This is before we talk about waste, fraud and abuse!


Please feel free to contact my office at (804) 730-3737 or by email at if you have further questions or would like to know other ways to support our effort to de-couple the budget from Obamacare, pass a clean budget and move Virginia forward. 



Congratulations to Mark Daniel of New Kent, Nancy Russell of Hanover and John Breeden of King William on their recent elections as Chairmen of the Republican Party in their respective counties.

I thank them for their desire to serve and their willingness to work to advance our shared conservative principles in the 97th District. 

I look forward to working with them to grow our membership and increase our presence in the community as we work to make the 97th District the best place to live, work, raise a family, and earn a living.

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In a letter to House and Senate budget conferees, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce is urging lawmakers to "set aside any issue that may create an impasse" and pass a timely state budget. Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell issued the following statement Friday:


"This letter is a strong and clear indication that the business community believes the best path forward is for the General Assembly to set aside the debate over Obamacare's Medicaid expansion and fulfill our obligation to pass a state budget. The Chamber is also explicitly rejecting the Governor's current proposal to expand the traditional Medicaid program.


"Governor McAuliffe and Senate Democrats have delayed the state budget for 20 days now. They have wrongly injected a separate and distinct policy debate into budget discussions. They have admitted on multiple occasions they are using the budget as leverage in an effort to expand Obamacare in Virginia.


"Their actions have created tremendous uncertainty for our local governments, school boards, institutions of higher education and the business community, as well as threatened Virginia's AAA bond rating."


The Chamber is joining over 50 local governments, school boards and local elected leaders representing over 3.8 million Virginians in calling for the Governor to decouple Medicaid expansion from the state budget.


The full letter can be read here.  

Sign the Petition


If you want to have your voice heard to pass a "clean budget" in Virginia, I encourage you to send a message by signing the petition: !




Please act today and send a message to the Democrats and the Governor to stop holding Virginia's budget hostage so we can move forward to fund schools, higher education, transportation, public safety, and support our local governments.


Tell the Governor it's time - now - to pass a clean budget by signing the petition at

Report Potholes

It looks like winter may finally be behind us, but the warmer spring temperatures have also heralded the start of "pothole season". Because we had a very wet winter of heavy snow and rain, along with several freeze-thaw cycles, you may notice a lot of potholes in the roads.


Potholes occur when the pavement is weakened by moisture seeping into the pavement, freezing, expanding and then thawing. Traffic driving over the roads loosens the pavement further, and it eventually crumbles and pops out, causing a pothole. VDOT


If you see a pothole you may report the problem to VDOT online here  or by calling 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623). VDOT will investigate each report and will schedule repairs as soon as possible.


VDOT pothole repair trucks are out in full force. Let's keep them busy until all the potholes are filled!

Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

Virginia's Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is May 25-31. The tax holiday is a win-win for everyone: people save money on things they need; retailers sell more. 

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