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November 2012
Message from Chris 

24 hours from now the polls will be closed on the election of our generation.  Tomorrow's Election Day is about America and the future we will leave to our children, Camden and Henry, and yours. Mitt Romney will bring REAL change to this nation. He has built a business and turned around another, put an Olympics back on track, and worked with a Democratic legislature to take Massachusetts from deficit to surplus, from job losses to job growth, and from higher taxes to higher take-home pay.  I believe in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and ask that you vote for them tomorrow. You will not regret your vote.


When Mitt Romney is president, he will change the nation's course, get us to a balanced budget, create jobs and deliver more take-home pay. Real change will begin on Day One through:


Energy Independence: increasing the number of leases and permits to drill on federal lands, speeding the approval of the Keystone pipeline, re-visiting coal regulations that were designed by the administration to strangle the industry.


Trade That Works: boosting trade, asking Congress for Trade Promotion Authority, designating China as a currency manipulator.  


Skills to Succeed: sending the Retraining Reform Act to Congress to ensure that every worker can get the skills and the chance for a good-paying job.


Cutting The Deficit: sending Congress the Down Payment on Fiscal Sanity Act to immediately cut non-security discretionary spending by 5 percent.  


Championing Small Business: granting state waivers from Obamacare to begin its repeal, launching a sweeping review of all Obama-era regulations with an eye to eliminating or repairing those that are killing jobs and small businesses.


This is not the time to settle for a small agenda or for four more years of the same.   Americans can do anything - and with the right leader in the White House, our nation will come roaring back. A Mitt Romney presidency will bring people together, do big things for the common good, and show the best of America. On November 6, we come together for a better future. And on November 7, we'll get to work rebuilding our country, restoring our confidence, and renewing our conviction.


Election Day is upon us, and George Allen is ready to go to the U.S. Senate and fight for our jobs, our families and our businesses - but he needs your help to get there. Over the last four years, we've all seen the effects of the Obama-Kaine policies that are continuing to hurt hard-working Virginians. George Allen is a proven leader with a proven record of creating jobs and helping families and businesses to achieve their goals and dreams. His policies made our Commonwealth a better place to live, work, build a business and raise a family and we need him advocating for us in Washington once again. This is going to be a close election, and your vote can make a huge difference in bringing a change of leadership to Congress. On November 6th, please remember to vote for George Allen and bring your friends and family to the polls as well. Thank you for your hard work and support!


There are two proposed amendments to the Constitution of Virginia which appear on your ballot on Tuesday.


The first amendment relates to property rights in Virginia, and the second is a minor change to the legislative calendar of the General Assembly. Both passed the House of Delegates by wide, bipartisan majorities in 2012. In the Virginia Senate, the first proposed amendment passed more narrowly but with bipartisan support; the second passed unanimously.


I voted "yes" on both of these amendments when they passed the General Assembly, and I plan to vote "yes" again on Election Day.


Official information about each amendment may be found at:


Ballot question 1 is the property rights amendment. It expands the rights of Virginians when private property is taken for public use. For example, when a business is relocated to make room for a transportation project, any lost profits would be considered in compensating the business owner in addition to the value of land and buildings. The amendment also prevents, for example, localities from acquiring private property if the purpose is primarily related to rezoning to generate more tax revenue for the locality.


Ballot question 2 is the amendment related to the legislative calendar. In particular, each year after its regular session, the General Assembly reconvenes in March or April to consider the Governor's amendments and vetoes to legislation. The exact date is determined by the Virginia Constitution, and sometimes falls on a religious holiday. The amendment would allow the General Assembly to adjust the date within a few days to avoid meeting on a religious holiday.

Governor McDonnell Announces Regulatory Reform Initiative

Citizens, Stakeholders Encouraged to Submit Regulations for Elimination or Modification

RegReform.Virginia.Gov will serve as one-stop portal for Citizens to Submit Ideas


Governor Bob McDonnell today announced the launch of the Governor's Regulatory Reform initiative and creation of a new portal for citizens to submit ideas for regulatory reform. Governor McDonnell has also charged regulatory agencies to conduct a comprehensive review of regulations currently in place and repeal regulations that are unnecessary or no longer in use, reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens on individuals, businesses, and other regulated groups, and identify statutes that require unnecessary or overly burdensome regulations. The initiative is an extension of Governor McDonnell's efforts as Attorney General to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome regulations through his Task Force on Regulatory and Government Reform. The task force made more than 300 recommendations to streamline Virginia's Administrative Code, and reduce burdensome government regulation.


Speaking about the launch, Governor McDonnell said, "While the regulations contained in the Virginia Administrative Code are important parts of ensuring the safety and well-being of Virginians, these regulations can sometimes also be unnecessarily burdensome on the people and job creators of the Commonwealth. Unnecessary administrative burdens hamper job creation by Virginia employers. Smart regulatory reform will produce a freer and better environment for citizens and businesses. The initiative launched today will result in a reduction in unnecessary regulations and regulatory burdens, and I look forward to receiving recommendations from citizens and business people who understand firsthand the intended and unintended consequences of regulations." Governor McDonnell continued, "All regulatory activity should be undertaken with the least possible intrusion in the lives of the citizens of the Commonwealth consistent with protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Virginia. Proposed and final regulations should make state government more efficient and should make Virginia a better place to live and work."


As part of this initiative, Governor McDonnell welcomes recommendations from citizens and stakeholders regarding regulations that are overly burdensome and where reform is appropriate. They may submit their recommendations, here: www.RegReform.Virginia.Gov

Peace on "This Week in Richmond" 
This Week in Richmond - 12 October 2012
Watch Delegate Peace on This Week in Richmond


Peace in the News:


NCSL Sponsors Program Sends State Legislators Into Classrooms

Application Deadline Approaching: Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at UVA

The application and recruiting process for the 2013 Sorensen Political Leaders Program and Candidate Training Program will be closing soon. 


The Sorensen Institute was founded by Charlottesville businessmen Leigh Middleditch and Michael Bills as the Virginia Institute of Political Leadership in 1993. The first class of Political Leaders graduated in the spring of the following year and included future State Senator Emily Couric. The organization took the name of generous benefactor Thomas C. Sorensen in 1997 shortly before he passed away. Click here to learn more about Tom Sorensen and the history of the Sorensen Institute.


The Thomas C. Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership seeks to improve political leadership in Virginia, thereby strengthening the quality of governance at all levels of government. The Institute prepares the Commonwealth's emerging leaders for public service as candidates for office, government officials and citizen activists in the affairs of their communities, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation. This is accomplished through educational programs designed around ethics, public policy, and practical politics.


The application period for the 2013 Political Leaders Program and Candidate Training Program is currently open with a closing deadline of Monday, November 12.   Please spread the word about these programs.  


All application materials can be found by clicking here


Life in the Community. Free Conference and Resource Fair. For people with developmental disabilities. Where and how to live, learn, work and play!

I wanted to let you all about a very important free opportunity for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities and their families to learn about opportunities to work and live successfully in the community.


I invite you to attend especially to hear Paul Wehman - an international consultant and the "Father of Supported Employment" who has put thousands of people with disabilities around the world to work because of his work. He is all about putting people to work.


Further details:

Tour of the Port

I was delighted to visit Hampton Roads recently and tour the Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters Port Tour and be hosted by the Virginia Maritime Association leaders for a tour of the Port of Virginia. Today, more than 95% of the world's largest shipping lines link Virginia's harbor to destinations around the globe.


Between 1982 and 2001, general cargo tonnage at Virginia's state-owned ports increased from 2.5 million tons in 1982 to 11.5 million tons in 2001, an unmatched growth record among U.S. ports. In terms of total cargo (which includes container, break bulk and bulk cargo), the Port handled over 37 million short tons.


The Virginia Maritime Association Peace Tours Port 2 (formerly known as the Hampton Roads Maritime Assn)  was organized in 1920 to promote, protect and encourage maritime trade through the ports of Hampton Roads and throughout the Commonwealth.







Contact Me

My office takes the responsibility of serving seriously.  My staff is available during the week to assist you with your concerns; I am also readily available.  I encourage you to contact us.  Please continue to contact me whenever you have concerns or issues of importance to our community and the Commonwealth.  


I may be reached at:


Capitol Office:
PO Box 406
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: 804-698-1097

Fax: 804-698-6797


District Office:

PO Box 819
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
Phone: 804-730-3737

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