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We worked for a man in Barrington who was very hesitant to have us do anything after a water damage loss. Once Jim expressed his concerns about what would have happen if the house was not properly dried out right away, he was convinced that was the right thing to do. 


Once the Paradise crew got there, tested and showed him what needed to be done, he was pleased to have them do the necessary work. After the job was done, he thanked Jim for sending such wonderful men who worked well together to take care of his home. He said that they were very helpful, knowledgeable, and did a great job.


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Join us in welcoming Amy Field,  
our new bookkeeper

Amy came to work for Paradise earlier this year. She handles our accounts payable, receivables, payroll, and more, so you're likely to speak with her if you have financial dealings with us. Amy's background is varied from banking to construction. She spent ten years as the bookkeeper at Sakonnet Vineyards previous to joining us.


"Amy is a very hard worker, cares for her job and the company, is an honest detail-oriented person, who gets along well with the crew," commented Jim Paradise recently. 



Mold & Bacteria Found in Vacuum Cleaner Bag Dust 

A recent study found that emissions from household vacuum cleaners often contain mold and human-derived bacteria. Evidence suggests that these may contribute to allergic responses and infection transmission indoors.


"Human skin and hair have been shown to be strong sources of bacteria in floor dust and air indoors, which can be readily resuspended and inhaled," the researchers wrote in their report.


"These results highlight the potential capability of vacuum cleaners to disseminate appreciable quantities of molds and human-associated bacteria indoors and their role as a source of exposure to bioaerosols," the researchers concluded.


The study was published in the Journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.



Jim Paradise


Jim Paradise,
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"Everyone with Paradise was exceptionally cooperative, helpful, and friendly. They seemed to go out of their way to please and do a great job under less than great conditions."

         - Luanne Gogins




Clean House 

Q & A


Should I spray something to get rid of the musty smell in my basement?


Spraying may provide temporary relief, but you really need to lower the humidity level by installing a good quality dehumidifier.


Why can't I just open the basement doors and windows to get rid of the smell? 


Doing so may bring in damper or warmer air that would cause more condensation to form. Keep the basement doors and windows closed while running a dehumidifier.


What else can I do to dissipate the odor?


Remove all organic materials such as cardboard boxes, paper, clothing, and piles of wood, which are food sources for mold.





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