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Drying Equipment



The owners of this home in nearby Massachusetts were in Florida for the winter. They had asked someone to look in on the house, but apparently they had not done so often enough.

The Culprit


The culprit was a break in a very small pipe under the upstairs bathroom sink. The water flowed through the floor plus the ceiling and walls below for quite some time before it was discovered.

Tearing Out Tile Floor


The damage was so extensive that our crew had to demolish the entire kitchen and hallway. The debris filled a large trash dumpster. We then set-up professional drying equipment throughout the house to make sure everything was thoroughly dried out before restoration work began.  


If you need to leave your home for an extended period, before you check the condition of all your pipes and fittings. the Floor Below


Soaked Ceiling Tiles Fell...





Lorna Lewis was the winner of the camera we gave away at the recent Chamber Expo.


It was great to see so many of our customers at this event. Thanks for stopping by our booth. 



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April 2013


Jim Paradise

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Client Testimonial   


"I commend you on your wonderful service! You managed a horrendous situation completely.  Thank you for your superior service and your wonderful, talented employees." 

     - Lynne Hennessey 





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