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A fire in a guest room at a Newport motel spread into the attic. Our technicians were able to save the roof structure by thoroughly cleaning the soot and smoke residue and then sealing the wood to keep the odor encapsulated.


water heaterThis small water heater caused extensive flooding throughout an 8,000 square foot office building in Portsmouth over the holidays.


We saved the carpet and drywall by employing 50 industrial strength dryers and dehumidifiers. A healthy working environment was thereby restored.


A Middletown apartment building had a sewage back-up that flowed into their laundry sink, washer and onto the floor. We cleaned it up and disinfected the entire area. 


A local gym called us in to disinfect their workout facility during this unusually active flu season. Our technicians deep cleaned the floors, walls, and windows to create a sparkling setting for the athletes.


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catHow do I get rid of basement odors caused by cat urine?


The cement floor must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. A permanent sealer must then be applied to prevent the odor from permeating the air again.


If your basement is carpeted and several areas have been soiled, the carpet and padding may need to be removed. The above procedure should then be followed before replacing with new materials.


What is a HEPA vacuum and why do you use them?HEP logo


HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration, which is desirable in many circumstances and often required by regulatory agencies such as OSHA, EPA, DEM and others.


HEPA industrial vacuum cleaner filtration is useful when the exhaust may be harmful to health or the environment, the environment must be free of dust, or the exhaust dust may be combustible.


We use it to promote healthy indoor air quality in your home or business.


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January 2013


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Client Testimonial 


"...Thanks to Paradise ... Their tireless, can-do attitude... blessed me and made me feel special."

- Loretta Massey


From a letter to the editor of the Newport Daily News regarding our participation in a recent Rebuilding Together project.





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