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Candle Lighting 5:44  pm
1 Adar II 5776 / March 11, 2016

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Sunday, March 13: Sunday School Girls Program begins for grades 4-8.

Monday, March 14: Parent-Teacher Conferences: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM - No school for students.

Friday, March 18: Regular Friday 3:50 dismissal begins.

Wednesday, March 23: Ta'anit Esther- 1:45 PM - No afternoon bus service for Lower Merion and Havertown.

Rosh Chodesh Adar Sheni is now upon us and we are so ready for Purim at Torah Academy! Our hallways are bursting with color and simcha (thank you Shachar and Yehudit!) and our students are singing and dancing in excited anticipation!

Stay tuned for news about our spirit days, Adar Ruach, Shushan Purim Carnival and more.

You can also make a lasting impact on your child's chinuch by helping them fulfill mitzvos on their own, so that they themselves experience Purim. All too often, it is assumed that children fulfill the mitzvos vicariously through the family act of Megillah, Seudah, Mishloach Manos and Matanos L'Evyonim. We should be conscious and ensure that our children do these acts themselves.

All it takes is two dollars.

Please make it a Purim Priority to give a Chayal a hearty dose of Simchat Purim. We are asking that each student bring 1 dollar so that we can join together to send  Mishloach Manot baskets  to an IDF unit on duty on Purim day. Imagine the heartwarming feeling it brings to a Chayal, that there is love and care coming from across the ocean on Purim.
Fulfill the Mitzvah of Matanot L'evyonim, gifts to the poor, in a most important way. Chasdei Eliyahu distributes monies, food, clothing and more to the needy of our community. Od Yosef Chai puts food on the table for needy families in Israel.  Please help your child fulfill these mitzvos themselves by bringing in a dollar or more to school. We will distribute Matanos L'Evyonim to these two worthy organizations on Purim day.

Anyone may join our students in these mitzvos, with any amount, large or small. Please make checks payable to TA with Mishloach Manos and/or Matanos L'Evyonim in the memo line.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Isaac Entin



To read Rabbi Entin's recommended reading, CLICK HERE!  


Thank you to the following students who made recent generous contributions to Torah Academy!

Dovi Erlbaum
Yonah Erlbaum
Elimelech Steinerman
Ezra Steinerman
Nistar Steinerman



To Rabbi and Mrs. Kopel on the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of Avrumy.


To Mr. Philip and Mrs. Anne Wolff on the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of Joseph.

Middle School Social Studies is in full swing!  The 7th and 8th graders have become mini historians, analyzing the events of this nation's past and making connections to events of today.  We recently wrapped up an exciting chapter about World War I in which students learned about the incredible role played by the United States.  We also discussed the pros and cons of the League of Nations, and discussed the ramifications of the U.S. decision to exclude itself.  Before diving into another world war, we've been catching our breath in the 1920s.  Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh and other American heroes of the decade have fascinated us, as have the technology and ideas of the time, most notably, the assembly line.  The 7th and 8th grade girls are looking forward to our "ice cream sundae making race" when we will get to test for ourselves the speed and efficiency of the assembly line.

6th graders are building on the vast geography knowledge they gained in the first trimester, as we hop from continent to continent, delving into each one's geography, culture and government.  The students are in the throes of putting together their first research paper which has transformed them into world class travelers, exploring different countries during their virtual 7-day trip.  I am certainly looking forward to the results!

As the temperature outside begins to rise, it's a reminder that the 3rd and final trimester is approaching and it's full steam ahead for us because there is still so much to learn!
 Mrs. Schechter

We here in Kindy B are overachievers!  We have learned all of the letters Aleph through Kuf and are so excited by how many words we can start to recognize and write.  By focusing on physical manipulation of materials, as opposed to worksheets, we have managed to hone in on our passions to drive our learning.

One example of "passion driven" learning occurred extemporaneously one day as we all sat in the circle.  A word was written and the children were asked if they could try to figure out what word it was.  Not only could they, as a group, decode that word, but they were able to decode more and more and MORE words that the teacher wrote out for them on her whiteboard.  They enjoyed it so much that they ended up going to the tables and copying words we had learnt as a class onto whiteboards.  Then, they became the teachers and asked their fellow classmates to try to read the word.  Not only was this a great review of the letters and letter sounds we know so far, it is also an organic way to start recognizing nekudot, leadership skills, turn taking, and beginner reading skills.

We also apply this form of learning to our upcoming chag, Purim! We are making our own megillah.  The students were asked their preference regarding making their megillot, would they want coloring sheets, similar to what other classes their age group might be doing, or blank pages to fill in themselves.  With an overwhelming majority, they decided that they wanted to make their megillot truly their own. 

We discuss each page first, deciding what part of the story is going to go on the page as well as some story ideas.  They are also given some important words that they can choose to copy such as the names of people in the story, Shushan, Hebrew words we have learnt for the scene (i.e. Mishte for party), or a mitzvah for them to copy in themselves.  They are coming out great!  Each child's unique ideas are coming through and their interpretation and knowledge of the events in the megillah are clear to all who see their work.  We cannot wait to see what their passion will yield when they finish making their very own megillahs! 

Morah Esther

Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, Engagement!  Our 2nd session of Enrichment Clusters got off to a great start this week! Check out our Enrichment Cluster Menu to learn more about our exciting enrichment cluster options for this session by clicking here.

Spotlight on "TA Back in the Day" with TA alumna Morah Nechama Eisenberg and longtime TA teacher Rabbi Selengut.

Our 3rd-5th graders are psyched to uncover the history and secrets of Torah Academy through analysis of photos, research, and interviews.  If you have old TA photos, yearbooks, mementos, or information that you can share with these clusters please contact Morah Elana Obstfeld at

Lesson 41: Scaring people causes them real harm and it is forbidden.
Lesson 42: Practical jokes and pranks hurt the victim and the jokester too.

בפרשת השבוע, הפסוק מזכיר את החושן של הכהן הגדול. שתים עשרה אבנים יקרות היו מכונסות לתוך החושן הזה שנקראו ''אבני מילואים''  שמשמעות שמם היא שהם היו "filler rocks". השאלה היא: למה נתנה  שם פשוט כזה לאבנים החשובים האלו ולא שם אחר כגון "אבני יקר" ("the precious rocks")?  התשובה היא שהתורה מלמדת לנו כאן ענין חשוב שאנחנו צריכים לקחת לחיינו. למרות שהיו יפים ויקרים ביותר, מכל מקום החשיבות הכי גדול היא שהאבנים האלו היו "מילואים" לחושן לעבודת ה'. מכאן לומדים שלא משנה כמה אדם חכם, מכובד, או מפורסם, אלא שהחשיבות האמיתית שלו תלוי אם הוא משתמש בכוחותיו לעבודת ה'.
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Each week, Kol Torah will feature a Torah Academy family or a faculty member. If your family would like to be featured, please email Stuart Gasner - 

Rosner Family 
Wynnewood, PA

Name all the members in your family.
Jeff, Sarah, Yisroel, Yosef and Rina. 

What cities did your family live in prior to Philadelphia?
Raleigh, North Carolina.

Name all the languages spoken in your immediate family?
English, kitzat ivrit and poquito espanol.

What is a family favorite meal?
Males - steak with a side of steak          
Females - Anything but steak

What is a family favorite activity to do?
Go to the beach, playing mini golf and eat at kosher restaurants.

Where was your last family vacation?
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  (amazing Israeli restaurant there).

If your family could change one thing about the TA building it would...
Add a regulation football field. 

What does your family do on snow days?
A lot of shoveling or else we will be stuck for days.

Where is a "family favorite" place to visit in Philadelphia?
The Philadelphia Zoo.

What is your family's favorite animal?
Rina's fish - favorite and only animal.

What is your family's favorite holiday to celebrate?
 Simchas Torah.

What is the oldest item you have in your house?
A Megillah that may be from the 17th century.

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8th Grade Pizza and Pretzels
Pizza will be sold Wednesday for $2 a slice and soft pretzels on Friday for $1 each.


Thank you to Dr Stein who visited our students to discuss his path to becoming a Colorectal surgeon and several videos of him performing different types of Surgery, including diverticulitis, Crohn's Disease, and colon cancer.

Enrichment Cluster with Ms. Baum.
Music Club!
Author,Gene Barretta came to our third graders to discuss the process of publishing and illustrating books! Thank you to Mrs. Stacey Goldman for organizing the visit!
Middle School students compete in the Montgomery County Science Research Competition.

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