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Candle Lighting 4:21  pm
13 Teves 5776 / December 25, 2015

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Wishing everyone a Good Shabbos and a restful winter break!

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December 26- January 3: Winter break: No school

Monday, January 4: School resumes

Sunday, January 10: First Grade Messibat Chumash at 10:00 AM

Thursday, January 21: Faculty Professional Development: No school

January 22- January 25: Extended Weekend Break: No school

Tuesday, January 26: Chessed Day- details will be available shortly

There will be no boys choir practice Sunday, December 27 and Sunday January 3.
In Managing Your Classroom with Heart: A Guide for Nurturing Adolescent Learners, Kathy Ridnouer writes:

We also find that being a teacher involves much more than teaching a subject. Our job is to educate the population we have been given to teach: to teach these particular students to learn and to learn about themselves. Before we begin to think about curriculum, we
must make a connection with our students and establish a classroom environment in which they feel safe, physically and intellectually. We must convince them that we will protect them in this way, and we must help them be physically comfortable enough to access their intellect.

The act of teaching, and by extension parenting, is a balancing act. On one hand, we must have control and exercise it. On the other, we must forge a relationship. If we do one without the other, or in the wrong proportion, we risk losing the equilibrium of education. We have a similar thought in the parsha this week. Jacob blesses his son Yissachar and refers to him as a donkey, bearing its load. Our sages explain that this refers to Torah study, and Yissachar's ability to immerse himself in its complexities. The Netziv comments that just as a donkey can not bear an unbalanced load, a Torah student must take care not be "unbalanced" by maintaining a focus on his spiritual growth and ignoring his character development and relationships with his fellow man.

In another sense, we must ensure that our student's worldview is balanced. This month, we began our Schoolwide Enrichment Program in our primary grades. This program, which accesses the gifted nature of every child, include Halacha, Chain Reactions, Movie Production, a study of the Amazon Rainforest and more! By taking the time to develop the whole child, we ensure the balance of our children's development. These activities were met with great enthusiasm and we thank our teachers and volunteers for helping to further enrich our students' lives. A full menu of our enrichment clusters can be accessed HERE

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Isaac Entin



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To Mr. Josh and Dr. Jessie Cline and family on the birth of a baby boy!



To the anonymous donor who donated over 1,000 coffee cups for our teachers!


It's been quite a year so far in 2nd grade general studies!
We started the year strong by learning parts of speech to improve our sentence structure and vocabulary.  We worked on our Tall Tales Social Studies Unit in our guided reading groups and celebrated with a culminating "Apple Festival" where we completed Johnny Appleseed related activities and made our own applesauce (from scratch!).  In our science unit, Hot Wheels Speedometry, students explored motion through a prescribed experiment using Hot Wheels cars and tracks and translated what they learned into designing and executing their own experiments.
In math, the theme of this year is learning through play, which is assisted by Mrs. Dardashti (our math specialist) who creates or discovers wonderful games which cement our basic math facts!  
As we look forward to the beginning of 2016, we'll keep honing our literacy skills through a biography book report.  We're going to examine history through the office of the President of the United States of America.  We will keep learning through games in math and are SUPER excited to start our Oceanography Unit this spring.  
Be sure to look out for exemplary work on display from our superb second graders!

Mrs. Wright

The 5th grade boys are at an exciting point in the year.  They have just completed the 2nd perek of Baba Metzia and have taken "The Test" that they have been nervously and anxiously dreading.  The boys are looking forward to return to school after winter break knowing that they have a couple of weeks filled with activities, speakers and parties.  A week after their return to school, the class will be going to the Philadelphia Yeshiva to meet with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Shlita, and receive their first Gemara.  The boys will hear words of chizuk from Rabbi Shmidman, Rabbi Entin, Rabbi Schwersenski and from Dr. Schwartz, president of Torah Academy's board.  All of this to help launch them into their next stage of learning.

However, class will not be all fun, or as we say in class, "boring."  With this new step comes a lot of hard work.  The boys will begin building their 
Aramaic vocabulary, working to master over 180 words by the end of 6th grade.  The boys will learn about the different Tanaim and Amoraim found within the Gemara.  They will learn about the style and rules that the Gemara follows; building their skills to enable them to grow and become more comfortable with the text and logic found within the Gemara. 

So if over winter break you see a student who is anxiously waiting for it to end, then you are most likely seeing a 5th grade boy from Torah Academy anticipating his next journey.  It definitely is an exciting time to be in 5th grade.
Good Shabbos and have a wonderful break.

Rabbi Silver

Yashar Koach and Mazal Tov to our monthly Hasmada awardees. 

Dovid Weintraub
Yitzy Weintraub

Moshe Ocken
Elisha Appelson
Shaked Ben David
Enrichment Program
Upcoming Discovery Lunch- Thursday January 7, Grades 3-5

Meet Tamar Daniel
Tamar Daniel is a Fashion Designer and an e-commerce entrepreneur. She runs a women's wear store online as well as in Suburban Square, in Ardmore. Tamar loves the process of designing and manufacturing garments and marketing and selling them.  Come discover how to take a garment from concept to creation!

Lesson 19: Blaming others makes us feel as if we are always in the right, especially when we feel we might be a little responsible.
Lesson 20: When we see people doing things which we know are wrong, we may feel the urge to knock them down.  But if we really cared for the person, we would tell him in a caring and sensitive way.


״וישב יוסף מצרימא הוא ואחיו וכל העלים אתו
לקבור את אבי ואחרי קברו את אביו״

"Yosef returned to mitzrayim, he and his brothers and all those that went with him tobury his father, after he buried his father."

The last four words of the passuk don't seem necessary, considering the whole parsha is about the burial of Yaakov. So why is it necessary to repeat the words "after he buried his father"? The
גמראsays that if there are 3 talmidei chachamim walking together, the greatest should walk in the middle, then the second greatest on the right. When Yitzchok was originally buried he was buried to the left of Avraham, as the greater Tzadik should be on the right. When Yosef and his brothers buried Yaakov they had to rebury Yitchok to have Avraham, the greatest of the Avos, in the middle, Yitzchok on the right and Yaakov on the left. When the passuk appears to be redundant by saying "after he buried his father" this hints to the fact that two burials took place that day; the burial of Yaakov and the reburial of Yitzchok!

We learn from here that it is worthwhile exploring the depth of every word and phrase in the Torah as every word in the Torah has a meaning and purpose.

Have a good shabbat!

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Coach Kenny Myers
Physical Education

How long have you been teaching at TA?
This is my 10th year teaching at TA.

Where did you work before TA?
I worked as an assistant buyer/ salesman for a successful men's and women's shoe salon (Mainly Shoes). I also taught as a gym teacher / assistant teacher for a privately owned preschool (Les Petit Cherubs).
Where are you from?
I was raised in Penn Valley, Pa. We moved to Villanova, Pa. when I was in 10th grade.
How many people are there in your family?
There are 4.  My babies, Griffin (age 10) Baylie (age 7). My beloved mother, Patricia and my younger brother Richard..
What schools did you attend?
Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland and the College of Boca Raton , Florida ( now Lynn University)
What is the reason you decided to become a teacher?
I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

If you could not be a teacher- what other profession would you want?
I really couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life outside of teaching. Truly, I have been blessed to have found my purpose as well as remaining steadfast and being obedient to the calling.

What are your hobbies?
I love jazz music. I love to travel and fine dine. I also enjoy reading books on spirituality and of course, staying physically active.

What subject do you enjoy teaching the most?
Hmmm?? :) just kidding!  Coaching. Especially,  teaching life skills..  
What was your favorite subject to learn in school?

List something that most people at TA don't know about you.
I also have a passion for fashion. Pun intended ??:). I also am fond of poetry. The English Romantics in particular.
What advice do you have for TA students. 
What your most passionate about is in relationship with your purpose. And that, "great things take time". I wish for them to remember that. Like the marvelous middos machine song, you have to have patience!

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