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It's a sad day for animals in Franklin parish.
Our all-volunteer chapter is sadly closing its doors, and it's left to us to find
loving homes for all of the dogs at their volunteer operated no-kill shelter.

Chapter Dog

 80 rescued pups are counting on us to take them to our sanctuary and find loving homes for them NOW.  Please HELP if you can. We only have two weeks until the animals must ALL be removed from the property.  

Serendipity + 2


Our Franklin chapter volunteers have worked tirelessly for years, spending their own money out of pocket to care for dogs rescued from neglect and cruelty. The parish has no other animal control or protection services.  After years of these selfless efforts, the crew is no longer able to maintain their no-kill, volunteer run shelter, and they have made the difficult decision to close their doors. 


All of the animals they are fostering must leave the property by July 31st!  Without our help they will have nowhere else to go.   DONATE here to help.  Contributions of any size would make a real difference. We've been hard at work for weeks, helping to adopt the animals in their care.  With sufficient time and resources, we believe we can find loving homes for all the adoptable dogs.  


Funds are urgently needed for:
  • Vet bills for sterilizations, health certificates, etc to prepare for adoption
  • Food for dozens of new hungry dogs who will be arriving at our shelter 
  • Animal care supplies, like Advantage flea protection, swimming pools, treats, dog houses etc.
  • Building supplies for new dog yards, fencing etc.
  • Transport costs, such as gas and travel costs, adoption van rentals and repairs and more

These extra expenses couldn't have come at a worse time of the year. It's miserably hot; costs are up, and donations are down in the summer months.  We're not coming close to hitting the targets we need to operate our shelter even under normal circumstances.  Our pet transport van broke down in New Jersey, and we haven't even been able to afford repairs to bring it back home.


We hope that someday we'll be able to establish and regroup to start a desperately needed program for animals in Franklin parish.  Please, will you help us finish the good work our volunteers started, by at least ensuring that all of their rescued animals find forever homes?  


Please DONATE whatever you can to help!

If you want to send supplies or special items for the dogs, or if you want to foster or adopt, please contact us at


Don't forget: we accept used cars and boats as tax-deductible donations.  Contact us at