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Issue No. 44 
September 2013
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Welcome to the September issue of The Group Travel Minute, the monthly e-newsletter from America's most trusted group travel magazine.

SEATTLE - The recently released Adventure Tourism Market Study examines how many travelers are opting for adventure experiences.

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PHILADELPHIA - Marines raising Old Glory at Iwo Jima and other powerful images from history will line the walls of the National Constitution Center.



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LANCASTER, Pennsylvania - The 2013 Going On Faith Conference was held in one of America's iconic faith-based destinations when more than 300 delegates gathered September 4-6 for their annual meeting in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Travel Thoughts:


Brian Jewell's new blog post relates why he thinks elegance is no longer needed in the travel industry. 

Find out why when he hears "elegance" in relationship to travel, he hears, "stuffy." 



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Have you seen this iconic work of art before? See how much you know about this famous American sculpture with our photo quiz!

Where in the World Quiz

Group Game: Animal Fare 

Your travel group will have a merry time trying to recall what animal goes with what classic phrase. See if anyone from your group can figure out all of these animal phrases!



Animal Fare Game
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Bucket List Itinerary:  


You can walk slowly past the rocky outcrops, turquoise lakes and exotic wildlife on a new scenic walking tour of New Zealand.


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Find out how you can advertise in The Group Travel Leader with our 2014 rate card.  

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