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As we celebrate the tremendous progress we have made over the course of just a few months on the Hyperion Bridge, we want to let you know about an upcoming meeting where we anticipate a premature vote on a least-desired alternative.  

With the help of local bike and pedestrian champions we were able to get a guarantee from city staff that bike lanes will be installed on the bridge.  The question remains - what does this mean for pedestrians?
Three alternatives have been proposed...
Alternative 1 - 1 sidewalk, 4 car lanes, and 2 bike lanes
Alternative 2 -  1 sidewalk, 3 car lanes, and 2 buffered bike lanes
Alternative 3 -  2 sidewalks, 3 car lanes, and 2 buffered bike lanes
Alternative 1, being the least desired option of the three, seems to be of particular interest to at least one board member at the AVNC and will be proposing that such alternative is voted for over the other alternatives THIS THURSDAY.  We think this decision is premature simply because engineering and transportation staff have not yet done a full evaluation of the alternatives to determine each alternative's impact.  We simply don't have all the facts.
We ask that you attend the AVNC and ask that they postpone the vote on determining which alternative serves their community best until all of the information is presented to them.  Making a decision at Thursday's board meeting is simply premature - can you attend the meeting and speak against making a decision prematurely?  Please be respectful and positive.
Atwater Village Neighborhood Council (here is the agenda, item 6a)
Thursday February 13th at 7 p.m.
Christ's Church of Griffith Park
3852 Edenhurst Avenue, 90039

Thanks for staying engaged!  Remember our efforts cannot happen without your support as members. If you aren't an active LACBC member, please consider joining.


Alek Bartrosouf

Campaign and Policy Manager

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

(213) 629-2142

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