Councilman Cedillo expressing his support for the proposed bike lanes on N. Figueroa 
at our candidate's forum in 2013.  But we still don't have bike lanes, why?

Since the candidate forum we sponsored in 2013, we have seen bike lanes installed on Colorado and the Eagle Rock bike lanes extended to Colorado.  All that is left to complete the backbone network in Northeast LA is N. Figueroa.  
The residents of Northeast LA are scratching their heads thinking why haven't they been installed yet?  After all, they were packaged for last year's projects alongside Colorado/Eagle Rock.  This is a good opportunity to raise the question and urge Councilman Cedillo to keep his promise and install bike lanes on this very important corridor.  
Please join us TODAY for a day of action urging Councilmember Cedillo to add bike lanes 
on N. Figueroa between York and San Fernando!

Call Cedillo's office and share your thoughts.  Dial his downtown office (213) 473-7001 and let his staffer know why you think bike lanes on N. Figueroa are good for everyoneThen, email and let me know how it went.  Remember to stay positive!


Sample script:

"Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a (resident of CD1, work/plays/lives in Northeast LA, etc.) and I'm calling to urge Councilman Cedillo to add bike lanes on N. Figueroa.  Bike lanes on   N. Figueroa are important to me because..."


What's your reason for supporting bike lanes on Figueroa? Consider these when making comments on the phone:

  • SafetyBetween 2002-2011, Figueroa had over 600 accidents resulting in 822 injuries,  1/3 of which involved a pedestrian or bicyclist.  With so many schools, small businesses, and recreation facilities along the corridor, we want to make sure the street is welcoming for non-motorized modes of transportation.
  • Bikes are good for business (and parking) - Study after study shows that bicyclists are a boon for local business. Bicyclists can stop on a whim, park easily, and shop more frequently than those arriving by other means. Routing bike traffic on side streets is a missed opportunity for small businesses.  Calming traffic also means businesses are more visible for passersby. We want to turn Figueroa into a destination and not just a street to drive through.        
  • Access to the Gold line- The Highland Park station sees the 2nd highest boarding of bicycles along the Gold Line.  With increased development in the neighborhood the potential for further encouraging use of the Gold Line to avoid added congestion.  Demand on the Gold Line is high and we want to be sure getting to the station for residents nearby is easy and convenient.  A direct link for residents and patrons to stations and nearby businesses can be accomplished with bike lanes on Figueroa.      

While calling in is strongly preferred and more effective, you can also send an email as well.  Feel free to use the talking points above as a template.



SUBJECT: N. Figueroa Bike Lanes


Dear Councilman Cedillo,


My name is _______ and I'm a (resident of CD1, work/plays/lives in Northeast LA, etc.) and I urge you to add bike lanes to N. Figueroa. Bike lanes on N. Figueroa are important to me because...




Thank you for participating, and please let me know how your call goes and bcc me in your email to the office.  



Alek Bartrosouf

Campaign and Policy Manager

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

(213) 629-2142

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